Happy Women’s Day 2022

When is International women’s day in 2022 – Monday, 8 March 2022

To talk about women’s success, you must first decide what success story of women’s business is “honest.” There are so many ” ” women in the world who are rich or famous, owners of enterprises and chain stores, individual brands.

Happy womens day 2019

However, some of them achieved high results only thanks to their relatives – husbands, brothers or parents. We agree that in this article we do not consider the “wives of oligarchs” or the rich heiresses of centuries-old dynasties. Let us talk about what is capable of giving the power to act to every woman – about those of us who are truly successful. On their own, from scratch, and thanks to their efforts.

What connects successful women?

The success story of women’s business may be different, and the time of action is not only the present or past century. However, there is always one thing that connects such representatives of the fair sex. For centuries, as if two different types of women existed there – “home” and dynamic, active.

The activity of a woman can occur at different ages. There is a business success story for women who have reached heights at twenty and sixty. Coco Chanel and Mary Kay for example. Artists and ballerinas, politicians and “first wives,” actively managing men (and first of all – their husbands). Women’s business success stories are as varied as the business itself. After all, you will not deny that politics is also a business, only bigger and more complicated.

Qualities of women

Women “startup” in business in different ways. Some are in company with others, and some are just by themselves. Each of them has to prove their right to an opinion, to the position and actions that correspond to it.

We initially know what is right for us and what is not

Another thing is that many allow themselves to “go with the tide” or do what the soul does not lie. I would like to recall the example of Indra Nooyi, an Indian woman who today heads PepsiCo. Once she was an ordinary Indian girl who just decided to get an economic education by all means.

With her arrival at Pepsi, revenues increased by 20%, which, given the current position of the market, seemed almost impossible. She worked in the company from 1994 to 2002, the year to achieve the current situation. Only eight years of hard work – and the result is impressive not only has the woman herself – the president of the Pepsi companies, but also many others. How much time did you spend on unworthy jobs?

In the same way, inspire success stories of business women,those who worked for themselves. Calls to stop working for The Man are so frequent that we do not notice these solutions. Each seems not so suitable for us. Many have already dared – and succeeded!

Idea – the embodiment – the brand

Joanne Kathleen Rowling, Kylie Minogue, and thousands of other women who were able to achieve success in various areas of business have already made their name. Unlike faceless men’s business empires, women’s most often bear the names of their creators. The company Mary Kay and Oprah Winfrey show are equally successful, and the essential quality unites them – “the brand named after me.

It is not rocket science!

At the same time, can you say that one of the women was uniquely ingenious and unique in his business? Not thousands, millions all over the world, started, but only a few succeeded. These women remembered the main rule –no one is born a master. At the same time, they did what they liked, giving all the creative power to their offspring.

Women’s business mission

The fact that for a man is a business, for a woman often is a deal of a lifetime.
At least for the time, while she is interested in this business. It is less appealing to do the usual, “routine” buy-sell transaction for women. Female business success is often the success of a mission. Give the world a book that will be read by both children and their parents. On the other hand, get everyone to discuss essential issues in the home circle, watching a talk show.

When you feel a) craving for creativity, b) a desire to make the world better with your own hands, then success will come as if by itself.

Do not listen to anyone!

When you are confident in yourself, good luck accompanies you and the world as if it spreads a smokescreen so that the way is more visible. If you’ve always wanted to start your own online boutique, then check out eCom babes price here.

At the first stage, when you create your path, your own success story, you will have to believe in yourself and “for dad,” and “for mom,” and for everyone else. That is what the stories of great women who have managed to do something significant for this world are like. And for the right to join what you know how to do and have done best of all, many will want to pay. It is a complete, real female success.

About the author

Melisa Marzett is a successful writer and a young woman with about ten years of experience in the field of writing. Currently freelancing and travelling while working for
essay-editor.net, she just loves her lifestyle. She has a wonderful opportunity to see the world and do her thing. She is an early bird who likes morning run, fitness three times a week and shop discounts!

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