Why QuickBooks Desktop 2022 Is The Perfect Fit For Your Small Business?

In this blog, you will read information about why QuickBooks desktop 2022 is the perfect fit for your small business.

QuickBooks Desktop is an ideal accounting solution for every business type. If your business is product-based and has different inventory needs, QB Desktop is a sure bet.

Intuit always rolls out new updates and features to make the software experience even better for its users. To increase the efficiency of the software and offer users the cutting-edge accounting experience, here is the latest improvement and development that has been made in QB Desktop.

In this article, we are going to dwell on the new features in QuickBooks Desktop 2022.

Tracking sick and vacation time is now easy

When you miscalculate sick and vacation hours for your employees, you can easily overpay for such benefits. This has been one of the biggest complaints of QB users for many years.

But with QuickBooks Desktop 2022, this problem is now sorted. You will now be able to track your employees’ sick and vacation time. The paystub has a new feature that will now show you the accrued, used, and available sick hours for all your employees.

This way you can escape from overpaying your employees and they will also have clarity about the sick and vacation time available to them.

Inventory update

For all the product-based businesses, there is one common problem and that is their balance sheet did not agree with the inventory item summary report. This happens because the inventory item summary report does not include the inactive items but the inventory total does. This causes a discrepancy in the balance sheet that becomes difficult to track down.

QuickBooks 2022 new features include improvement in the inventory valuation summary report which will display all the items that you have inactivated.

Moreover, when you try to label an inventory item that still has a value on hand, an error message will shoot up.

Improvement in invoice tracker

This feature is already there in QuickBooks Online and is now a part of QB Desktop as well. You can now view the status of your invoices that you have emailed to your customers. This will allow you to know when your invoice was viewed by your customers so that you can take the follow-up action accordingly.

Easy transfer between customers and jobs

Earlier, you had to apply credt memos for all the jobs that belong to a single customer. However, doing this kills a lot of time.

But now, you will have a new account called ‘Account for credit transfer’ that will do this for you. It will attach credit memos to all the jobs belonging to the same customer at once, saving your time and efforts.

Easy upgrade

Upgrading to the latest version of QuickBooks is now a matter of few clicks. This feature will make it easy for you to locate your ‘Intuit my account’ from where you can easily upgrade your QuickBooks. QuickBooks has always been the helping hand of businesses in simplifying intricate accounting. With QuickBooks Desktop 2022, you can make sure that you get all the features for your product-based business.

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