Why Are All Al Capone Cigars So Good?

Do you ever feel the need for a robust cigar but don’t have the time for a 2-hour stogie? Who doesn’t? Well, that is precisely what Al Capone cigars were meant for.

Al Capone Cigars, fondly referred to as Cigarillos, are small cigarette-size cigars that you can smoke on the move when you are pressed for time, or just for the heck of it. They come in both filtered and unfiltered versions which breed a common misconception that they are just cigarettes made to look like cigars. Do not be mistaken.

Typical cigarettes pack less than a gram of tobacco while a cigarillo contains upwards of 3 grams. So, a cigarillo really is just a smaller version of a cigar, and none is better than the Al Capone.

Origin of the Al Capone Cigars

Al Capone Cigars are premium handmade cigars owned by the Dannemann Company. Dannemann is a giant in the cigar industry with a myriad of full-size cigar brands under its name, but only one cigarillo brand, the Al Capone. Named after the badass Chicago gangster, the Al Capone brand has etched its own fan base and has transitioned into one of the most famous cigar brands in the world. The idea behind Al Capone cigars was to create a cigar that can be enjoyed at any time. Aficionados, as well as cigar newbies, can enjoy the real taste of a cigar with all the bells and whistles like legitimate fillers, binders, and wrapper in a compact 10-15-minute smoke.

The Wrapper

Al Capone cigars enjoy a Brazilian Bahia leaf wrapper grown by the Dannemann company. The wrappers are air-cured, fermented and then dipped in rum, cognac, sugar or menthol which form the legendary sweet flavor of Al Capone cigars. This particular Brazilian wrapper is grown and tended to in Sao Felix, Brazil across the Bahia countryside. After the curing process is done, it is hand rolled in Danli, Honduras.

The Leaves

While Al Capone cigars cannot handle long leaf fillers, they taste just as good with short leaf fillers. The fillers are a combination of Nicaraguan and Brazilian tobaccos. There are also excellent vintage fillers from Condega, Jalapa, and Esteli regions of the Nicaraguan countryside. A Nicaraguan homogenized tobacco leaf binder then binds the fillers before being wrapped in the Brazilian wrapper. Even though they are “mini” cigars, equal care and expertise are applied to every cigarillo to ensure that it offers an optimal smoking experience and it is as consistent as possible.

Who is the Ideal Smoker of this Brand?

The Al Capone fandom cuts across all demographics of stogie lovers. It attracts both novices and aficionados alike. It is, however, a sweet medium-bodied cigar. This implies that the ideal smoker of the Al Capone cigarillo is one that enjoys the peculiar sweetness. Apart from the regular cigar lovers who enjoy a sweet cigar, the Al Capone cigar is best suited for newbies. Thanks to its miniature size and medium body, a first-time smoker would be able to enjoy the cigar experience without feeling overwhelmed.

Packaging and Portability of the Al Capone Cigars

Al Capone cigars are perfectly packaged for convenience. You can buy a single stick in a tube-like packaging with a yellow cap at the top. The cigar inside is enclosed in a cellophane paper to maintain the freshness. A single stick goes for $1+ depending on the flavor. Usually, the single cigarillo pack comes as part of a bigger box of 20 to 100 cigars convenient for selling in a retail store. There are handy packs of 2 cigars that you can keep close for when the need arises. These packs go for $1.50 to $2.50 depending on the flavor of the cigarillo. The two pack is made of cardboard with a wraparound seal that is easily removable. These 2-pack packages are part of a larger box or tin that packs 60 to 100 cigars.

The best packaging of Al Capone cigars comes with the ten pack. It is a sleek case that opens with a click to reveal ten cigarillos. The case is made of plastic, and it combines matte black with trendy patterns along the edges. Perhaps the most impressive thing about the 10-pack is that the Al Capone cigar branch of the US allows you to send in your own design and have it printed on your 10-pack case.

Do you Inhale or Not?

This is a common question among cigarillo smokers. The controversy arises because cigarillos are small and a variety of them have filters. But the truth is, cigarillos are cigars. Their tobacco content is much higher than that of typical cigarettes. More specifically, cigarettes are packed with a gram or less of tobacco. Cigarillos are stacked with 3 grams or more of tobacco. Therefore, they should never be inhaled. In my opinion, the cigarillos with filters are for cigarette smokers transitioning to cigars who are likely to inhale at one time or the other. However, filters are not a green light to inhale cigarillos and much less so if the cigarillos do not have a filter.

Al Capone Cigars Popularity in the US

Al Capone cigars are prevalent across the US. This is attributed to their quality, consistency, and affordability. The fact is, Al Capone cigars are made with authentic cigar fillers, binders, and wrappers unlike other brands of miniature cigars that often use tobacco infused paper rather than cured wrappers. This gives them a robust flavor profile that can satisfy both an aficionado and a beginner. Additionally, Al Capone cigarillos are conveniently available online, in cigar stores, and gas station shopping marts. You can buy a single smoke, a 2-pack or a ten pack all packaged for convenience and smoking on the move. They do not need a cutter or the traditional 1 to 2-hour grace period to smoke. You will get the same quality flavor and kick in the same time you would smoke a regular cigarette.

Why are Al Capone Cigars the best little cigars in the market?

Regular Al Capone enthusiasts like myself love that Al Capone cigars deliver the same punch as a full-size cigar for a fraction of the time and price. They have filled a much-needed gap for a medium to full-bodied cigar that you can smoke for 10-15 minutes. The sweet flavor and the signature vintage tobacco zest stays consistent throughout the smoke. You cannot argue with the quality, the price or the packaging of these bad boys. So, to all aficionados and newbies alike, if you are going to go small, go Al Capone Cigars. There is nothing better out there.

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