Which Are Some Of The Good Budget Hostels In Goa?

Once upon a time, travelling was a pleasure limited to a few because we only had hotels and guest houses that charged a lofty amount for even a one-night stay. But today, travelling has become very affordable with the advent of hostels.

Goa is a place that attracts thousands of tourists every year and there are so many hostels in Goa that provide a comfortable and cheap stay to backpack travellers. In this article, we’ll shed light on some names that you can trust when you’re in Goa.

1. Anjoned Café & Hostel

Anjoned has been providing stellar services to all its guests at every front. Whether it stays, wi-fi, food, drink, ambience, or setting for a party, this hostel always stays ahead. It gives you the best experience with overarching services.

If you talk about the stay facilities, they provide high-quality bunk beds that are available at a very low price compared to many other hostels in Goa. The food is amazing and you can also enjoy alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages here with some music.

The ambience is striking and it totally entices the people coming here. In the spacious lobby, you can sit and relax or do your work since you get wifi-connectivity all the time. From steak to seafood, Goan, continental, Chinese, and Indian get to enjoy all cuisines here.

2. The Hosteller

The Hosteller has been giving exemplary services to its customers. You get plenty of space and the beds are very comfortable. The surrounding environment is beautiful and you get to see some very distinct architecture of the rooms here.

3. Wanderers Hostel

Wanderers take the level of hospitality a notch above and entertain its guests with so many ritzy features. It offers simple dorm rooms, private rooms, a restaurant, and an outdoor pool as well. Also, the services are excellent and you enjoy them to the fullest.

4. Moustache Hostel

With a gamut of features, this hostel makes the stay of its hostel absolutely memorable. You get private rooms, dorm rooms, and amazing facilities that include plush bathrooms, terrace swimming pool, wifi connectivity and ambient surroundings.

5. Footloose Hotel

This one is specifically known for being very close to the beach. The food is awesome and the stay is amazing too. In the nighttime, the whole environment gets very beautiful and lets you see enjoy the cool breeze. It helps you appreciate the beauty of this place.

With all such options, it is very easy for every traveller to enjoy the tour to Goa on a very little budget. Staying in a hostel is perfect for all those people who want to enjoy their trip to the fullest. In these places, you find many people like yourself and get the perfect camaraderie.

Anjoned Café & Hostel has always been one step ahead in serving its customers. From a perfect stay experience to delicious food, refreshing drinks, pleasant environs, and internet connectivity, you get everything that you need here.

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