What Are The Key App Development Trends In 2022

Today’s generation prefers accessing the internet using their smartphones rather than using laptops and desktops.

As per the research based on a global report, smartphone users across the world have crossed 5.135 billion. Contrary to the beliefs of the critics, mobile app development was neither temporary nor magical.

It has been a gradual process which is still evolving with the use of the latest technologies and industry requirements.

Mobile app development services are designed to suit the needs of the organisations.

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Mobile apps are mainly created to attract and retain customers by offering the proposed products and providing desired services at affordable prices and within a specific time frame.

The pace at which mobile app development has been expanding , it is expected that by year 2022 the global revenue from mobile apps will reach a mark of 188.9 billion dollar.

From the statistics mentioned above, you can have a clear idea about the momentum and speed of mobile app development.

The year 2022 is expected to give you a bright scenario and huge upgrades with respect to mobile app development trends that you are currently experiencing.

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Let us now go through the following points to know about vital app development trends for mobiles that can influence user experience to a completely new level.

These are:

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: Both Machine Learning and AI have helped in making mobile apps interactive and purposeful for the users.

You can experience the most of AI in the form of chatbots. Siri is one of the best examples why AI and Machine Learning are becoming indispensable for mobile app development in recent times.

It can be assumed that in 2022 you can wait to experience Machine Learning and AI in the form of virtual assistants and chatbots.

Growing demands for wearable devices: With advancements in latest technologies, app developers are focusing in creating apps for wearable devices such as smartwatches.

Thanks to Apple the constraint regarding affordability is out of the equation. Currently the industry of fitness is looking towards app development for smartwatches.

Few notable brands like Uber and Zomato has also invested in developing wearable apps.

2022 can make you witness more wearables like movement trackers, watches, fitness bands etc.

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Chatbots are getting integral:

According to the reports of Statista the market for global chatbot is expected to reach 1250 million dollars by 2025. This figure indicates a jump of more than 1000 million USD with respect to 2016.

Chatbots are capable of acting as virtual assistants within mobile apps. With the help of advanced AI it is now easy to integrate chatbots within mobile apps without doing intense coding.

Also market reports have suggested that approximately 50 percent of business to business buyers prefer CRM services. Chatbots are considered as an advanced way to provide unique customer relationship management.

Payment gateways and mobile wallets:

Customers now a days are looking for frictionless payment methods by using apps. There have been significant changes in the ways that the users prefer for shopping.

We all have actually moved from debit and credit to mobile wallets and digital currencies. Mobile commerce have in fact been preferred as a means for shopping.

So majority of the businesses are inclined in offering unique experience by integrating payment gateways with mobile wallets. This is indeed a stable trend in 2022 and is also quite safe from being misused or hacked.

Instant apps: In the year 2016, instant apps came into existence. These are actually native applications which are smaller in size as compared to usual apps.

Apart from this, instant apps are highly convenient and user-friendly as they don’t have to be downloaded. From the name itself you can well understand that these apps can be instantly accessed.

With constant demand among the users for improved experience and lower load times, instant apps are truly one of the prominent trends of 2022.

Strengthening security for mobile apps: With technologies becoming more effective and advanced, the aspect of security gains prominence.

Preventing or safeguarding personal information, confidential data is very vital when you are using any online platforms for monetary transactions or sharing of business information.

Here comes the importance of mobile app securities. App developers are now working more in strengthening cyber security to ensure data privacy.

IT giants like Facebook and Google have already started working on their security measures with the help of a Cyber Security Company and this trend in 2022 will increase more with many organisations concentrating on preventive measures towards protecting data and information.

Conclusion: Mobile apps are gifts of modern science and technology. Applications for mobile or smartphones have made our lives convenient and easier.

So it very essential for a mobile app development company to identify the actual needs before coming up with the desired apps. You can experience all types of important services today using mobile apps with a simple click either from your office or home.

With time passing by mobile apps have become advanced and are capable of executing multiple functions. Some of the important trends for Mobile app development services have been discussed above.

Mr. Arup Roy is the founder and CEO of Red Apple Technologies, a reputed mobile app development company. He has got extensive knowledge , skill and experience in mobile app development services. He is also good at writing blogs and articles regarding the upcoming trends and developments in this arena."


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