Website Design Trends in 2022

Website designing is that part of work that never stops and keeps on evolving from time to time. There is a constant change in web design trends from time to time. Some trends stay for a long time but some trends just fades away. For example simple minimalistic designs have been with us from a very long time and isn’t going anywhere soon in the near future as well. There will be some designs like hard colorful designs that might not be seen in the oncoming year. With these changes happening continuously the web design industry is flourishing everyday and growing to greater heights. Some of the trends that might be prominent in the year 2022 are listed down below.

  1. Illustration designs

    Illustrations have been with us from a very long time and we hope that it might never leave us in the future as well. The most promising and widely used design will definitely stick with us in the future due to its simplicity and attractiveness. Every person out there simply wants some kind of illustrations in their website designs to make it look more appealing. In the case of illustrations the artist have got no restrictions over the shape & size of the illustrations.Freedom to design makes illustrations makes them widely chosen and helps the artist in making some smashing designs for everyone. While making those designs the artists can make their imaginations run wild and create some out of the box designs. Due it’s unexpected nature it’s chosen by everyone at one point in time making it the most prominent web design trend in 2022.

  2. Same old Dark Mode

    Dark mode  have been with us from a very long time while some of the sites have dark mode disabled but just one button click changes that and after enabling it,  site just receives a whole new feel to it. It simply becomes a whole new website. Not only does the web design have got dark mode but now days devices are also receiving this mode making things a little more exciting for the users and puts the dark mode in top choice for dark theme lovers. It doesn’t matter whether a website have only dark theme or can be enabled later users still want it in their design helping in reader availability. One of the major reasons for its popularity in 2022 is that it helps in making the design standout more than the rest of the colors and highlights the design.

  3. Hand drawn figure and logos

    Everyone likes a good sketch of their favourite designs. In this year we’ve seen some of the websites opting sketches over the designed items such as logos and pictures. The raw element more presentable and hard to mimic by anyone. The hand drawn designs signifies the emotions of a person. A person who’s designed it and the person opting it feel connected to each other in thoughts and the design helps in forming an everlasting bond which is mutual or both. Hand drawn designs are imperfectly perfect giving them that uniqueness putting them aside of every other design out there.

  4. 3D & 4D Designs

    3D and 4D designs have been picking up pace for a few years now and are turning heads in the industry with some of the best designs out there. The sports industry have been using 3D & 4D models to showcase their designs from a very long time and now it’s getting into other industries such as automobile, aircraft etc. Many of the users want these designs for showing their full product from every point of view. See the thing with 3D & 4D designs us that they can showcase the product from every point of view making the design more prominent and trustworthy for the users out there. With these models the feel to product is given similar to that of the real life designs. In 2022 various fields will surely try their hands in 3D & 4D designs to stay one step ahead of their competitors.

  5. Chatbots

    Chatbots are considered to be the oncoming future of marketing especially when it comes to customer handling. In the past few years the growth in the field of AI is so great that it becomes sometimes hard while interacting on a website with a bot if there’s a person sending the responses or a bot. The main advantage of these chatbots that makes them so much adoptable by everyone is because of their availability. A person can sometimes delay the response due to some reasons but in case of a chatbot responses are smooth and quick. They have been a part of this year’s designs and will become a major part in the year 2022 as well.

  6. White Spaces

    Another head turners in the industry will be white spaces designs. Everyone’s shock to see the way their popularity have gone so much while we are approaching the end of this year. These designs are simple with minimal designs and a large amount of white spaces. There were only a few times in the past when these white spaces designs prevails but at this time the growth in it’s demand is simply astonishing. The reason is similar to that of dark black themes it makes the images or texts appear nicely and freely making them stand out from the rest of the things on the site. This websites trend will be used a lot more than previous years and the white spaces might increase a lot than it was this year.

  7. Motions Designs

    Motions designs have always been popular but they will never leave us high and dry in the future as well. But the motions designs in web sites have always been debatable as it’s quite hard to achieve and increases the complexity but that’s not stopping it from becoming one of the top trends in the future. Motion graphics helps in more user engagement and making the designs more promising. Motion graphics helps to get the attention to the product and makes them standout of the rest of the background. The motion graphics will definitely a great trend that we must all look for in the next year coming.

Final thoughts

It’s difficult to tell whether all these trends will be prominent for a long time as web design is a vast field. Also listing every possible trend is somewhat difficult. These trends that are discussed above will surely be prominent one’s in the year 2022. The trends will come and go it’s the users that define the trends according to their taste some of the things are popular that we’ve  never thought and some of the trends that were quite popular like abstract colors but the users shifted from it as well. The above are the 7 most promising trends that will be seen a lot in the year 2022.

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Er. Ankit Dhadwal is the Founder & CEO of Mount Woods Studio Pvt. Ltd. a company based in Solan, Himachal Pradesh, India, which provides digital solutions globally where we specialise in Web Development and App Development, UI/UX Design, Graphic Designing, 2D & 3D Animation, Product Photography, Video Production and Digital Marketing.

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