Want to Get Employed in Australia: Find a Sponsored Job

People in need of a job have to move to another city or state and perhaps also have to find local movers. They have the required skill-set but the city is not able to offer them a decent job. So they migrate. Sometimes you cannot find a suitable opportunity in your entire nation, the reason being fewer jobs or less paying jobs. Then people in desperate need of a good job and better lifestyle should start looking for jobs in Australia. In recent years we have seen a greater flock of people leaving their native land and moving to Australia to work and even settle down there permanently. The reasons behind it are lack of skilled population in Australia, attractive pay and lifestyle there and the notion that living in Australia is safe and peaceful.

Why Australia?

When asked about living conditions from the Australian citizens, the response was fairly good. Australia is always known to have a great lifestyle and peaceful living conditions. Apart from Central Australia where dessert is present, the Australian nation has pleasant warm weather. It has beaches and inner cities but most of the population is concentrated along the coastline. It has enough job opportunities for people.

How to migrateto Australia?

If you want to work in Australia and you have some skills like technical experience or managerial skills then you can find a job there. Among differently available visas offered by the Australian Government, there is one subclass which is given to persons having skill and knowledge. It is named Visa 187. This visa is given to individuals who are sponsored by any valid employer for a particular job. So before applying for that visa, first you need to be sponsored by a registered Australian company and get help from migration lawyer.

Key skills of best migration or visa lawyer

Hiring an agent is not an easy task; you must know the characteristics of a good visa lawyer. Here some points have seen summarized for the characteristics of best lawyer:

  1. Migration Lawyer must be registered from the authorised agency of the country
  2. Must have good experience in the relative field
  3. Works for various type of visa
  4. Must have good convincing power
  5. Good at course case proceeding
  6. Know all the visa related facts and figures
  7. Good communication behaviour

Advantages of hiring a migration or visa lawyer for visa

Hiring a lawyer benefits in many areas and also improves the success probability of your visa application.

  1. Know the whole process and is able to make the client understand the process
  2. Help the clients in achieving all the criteria for the visa application
  3. Help the client in the selection of a best-suited sub-category of visa from a group of categories
  4. Help you in submitting all your documents correctly and thus verifying it
  5. Also helps in getting details of the associated academic test
  6. Improves the probability of visa approval and helps the clients

What is Visa 187?

Visa 187 is a permanent residence visa especially for skilled workers who want to work in regional Australia and are sponsored by a valid Australian employer. It allows you to work in Australia under one of three streams:

  • The Temporary Residence Transition stream
  • The Direct Entry stream
  • The Agreement stream

How to get Visa 187: Process You Need To Know

To achieve the visa 187, you need to comply with conditions set by The Department of Migration, Australia. For that you must:

  • be nominated by an approved Australian employer for a job in regional Australia
  • be under 50 years of age, if you are applying under the Temporary Residence stream, or under 45 years of age if you are applying under the Direct Entry stream
  • meet the skills and qualifications required for the job
  • be competent in the English language
  • meet other requirements according to the stream of visa chosen
  • have proper health

The process involves:

  1. Getting a valid employment letter from the company you have applied for the job
  2. Getting sponsorship of work from your employer
  3. Submitting a complete application along with Expression Of Interest (EOI)

Find the cost!

On the official website of the Australian Government, Department of Migration and Border Protection, the cost of Visa 187 is given AUD 3680 (around USD 2900). While this is just an estimated cost, it may go higher.

How to ensure successful grant of visa? To be sure that you do not miss any particular detail in the application for your visa, you need expert guidance so that your application does not get rejected. For that purpose, you can contact to best Migration LawyersinPerthwhich provides superior support in migration to Australia. They have a load of experience in this matter and can help you to migrate to Australia without much hassle.

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