Top 15 Mobile App Ideas That Need To Be Made in 2022

If you thought that it would be nice to test your knowledge of application development in practice or, on the contrary, to start learning in the process, we offer you a selection of ideas for applications.

Top 15 Mobile App Ideas That Need To Be Made in 2022

We thought and made a selection of 15 ideas for creating our application that could work out. It is of current interest for both beginners and experienced developers.

  1. Motivator

It feels like everyone, not simply lazy, requires such an application because offensive things also have to be performed. The operation of the application could be in such a way that a person uploads a photo with a description of the issue, decides it, and others evaluate it. If somebody removed the case without completing it, the rating falls. Therefore, anyone using the application will be able to assess whether to motivate himself with the help of the application, whether it is well executed, and the points obtained and assigned to each user form a rating. By the way, it may be useful for HR-managers who can appreciate the diligence and approach of the candidate.

  1. Alarm clock with tasks

Again, it will be useful not only for lazy people, although it may seem so. The problem is that after the alarm goes off, not everyone gets up right away. Using the application, you can make sure that after the call, the application restricts access to any of the most used phone functions until you complete the task that you need. For example, you formed a shopping list in Google Keep; the alarm application analyzed your actions and set the task: buy products according to your list, then uploaded a photo of the check, and the full functions of the device became available again. At this moment, you will be fully awake.

  1. Assistant in the relationship with the opposite sex

It will be useful to those who do not understand how to communicate with the opposite sex. By registering, you specify your gender only, start points are awarded, and you have the opportunity to ask a question sent to a completely random user, for which points are written off. When you answer other people’s questions, points are your award. With this application, you can resolve family, friends, work, and global problems.

  1. Alarm collector

Yes, another alarm clock. But here, the motivation to wake up is financial. Every pending alarm is money written in favor of charity. Alternatively, blocked, for those who cannot save money, but so, it will be possible to collect the amount for large purchases.

  1. Learning Assistant

Yes, another assistant. It is similar to what was higher, but for those who are engaged in self-education. Helping others explore the topic or accept a credit – you get points, when you need help – spend them.

  1. Instagram limited to one photo

Analog of Instagram, but with the condition that you can post only one photo no more. Perhaps this will help to become more creative, to pump up the skills of photography.

  1. Tinder for musicians

In the CIS countries, many know how to play instruments or sing. But only a few produce their music. It seems that one of the problems is that it is difficult to reach another person who is also interested in making music. The application will solve it.

  1. Round investment

Another application for saving or investing free money. For example, buying something in the store for 890 dollars, the amount is rounded up to 900 dollars, so with each purchase. By the end of the year, you are going to accumulate a significant amount of money.

  1. Bad roads

It is important that the state bodies were not the creators of the application; otherwise, it will not get the desired effect. The bottom line is that automobilists allocate bad sections of roads, then the information will be analyzed and make up a final rating for all sections. Red is the color for the worst ones, while green – is for the good ones. Those who gather on the road, build a path on the best roads. And those responsible for quality control of roads will receive automatically generated reports on critical areas.

  1. Stimulator

Based on your goals, the application creates a consistent plan for solving the problem using incentives that are determined by the application or by you. Incentives can be as restrictive: if you do not perform the task, you lose the function / the money, or you invent it yourself. It is easier to control your actions.

  1. Application for buying and selling companies

It is not necessary to sell or buy the entire company; it is possible only in shares. It looks like this: someone sells 15% in his software company for the standard 100,000 dollars. If the user is interested and subsequently acquired a share, the creator of the application receives a percentage of the transaction or a percentage of the share. The main task is to reduce the buyer and seller, and all legal aspects should be taken by users unless of course, to introduce additional legal support for a fee.

  1. Diary

It is not exactly what you thought it to be – to write your thoughts, and the chronology of the day is not necessary. The application will do it for you based on the analysis of data from your devices, including locations, notes, and visits to sites and so on. It is convenient for parents seeking to control their children, and for busy people who seek to control themselves.

  1. Collection of promotions and discounts

Not like places, where most often you need to buy coupons, not like places, where only supermarket chain stocks are collected either, which are not always substantial discounts. The point is to collect information about ongoing promotions in completely different areas of trade and service provision, analyze average prices for the market and publish only significant stocks that may be of interest to a specific user. Monetization is simple here – CPA.

  1. Blocking funds

Something similar was already higher, but this idea differs in that you put the block on withdrawing and paying from a bank card yourself, or to those who use your card then, as you feel the lack of resources or the temptation to buy something useless.

  1. Calling notes

It happens that after talking on the phone, you can forget important moments. Yes, you can record each conversation, and then re-hear it. However, it is inconvenient. It is simpler if the application will analyze the speech; take note of the information voiced during the conversation and, for example, set reminders.

About the author: Melisa Marzett is not a developer of applications but she is interested in what is going on, and the world of technologies is not an exception. Working as a freelance writer for Check my Essay Proofreading Company, she has been dreaming of becoming a writer since she was five years old and back then when being just a little girl, she made her first attempts to write.

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