Top 5 USA Accidents – How Many Accident Per Day in USA

1. Three people killed, 65 year old man from Chicago and 20 people were injured, 40 semis and cars collided in near Michigan City, Indiana.

Interstate 94 was reopened this morning, cranes and tow trucks worked all the night clearing 40 semis crush. Injured people were taken to hospital and 65 year old named, Jerry Dalrymple declared dead at the scene.

The accident occurred around 2:20 pm on Thursday, 60 miles from Chicago.

2. A huge pile up, involve 100 vehicles caused a traffic nightmare along the icy Pennsylvania Turnpike when speed restriction lifted Friday morning.

First truck crash hit-and-run accidents happened around 8:25am causing a pile up of five tractor-trailers and 10 cars, after it many crashes occurred after that.

Cars trying to brake but could not because of frozen ice. It was all bouncing and pinball machine game. Dozen motorists injured including hundreds of people stranded.

All blaming speed, icy conditions and sun glare but no real problem found behind the accident, I’ve you find yourself in a similar situation, be sure to contact professionals like the stockton car accident lawyer.

3. Tractor trailer crashed into bus on California freeway, 10 dead, high school students run for their lives.

A group of high school students in the bus from Los Angeles to visit Humboldt state University but suddenly vehicle begin to shake from left to right and then after it there was a loud boom.

A FedEx tractor trailer crossing a grassy freeway median slammed into the bus. In this accident ten people were killed including both the bus driver. 40 students, somehow, escaped through a window of the bus, seeing that bus went into flame.

Two more explosions happened soon, massive flames devouring both vehicles. The bus carried around 48 students including chaperones and driver.

The crash happened around 5:30 pm on the interstate near Orland, a small city, 100 miles north of Sacramento. The victims were teenage kids and injured victims were rushed to nearby hospitals.

4. A 19 year old Arizona woman injured and taken to a Tulsa hospital Friday morning, she ejected from a vehicle that was attempting to make an improper U turn on Muskogee Turnpike in Wagoner County.

In this chain reaction wreck 3 vehicles involved and 13 people out of which 11 treated for injuries. This wreck happened around 8:30 am, on the southbound side of the turnpike near Coweta.

5. A car slammed into a bay area commuter bus, 11 people were hurt. Police told a stolen vehicle was traveling at a high speed, it collided with AC transit bus, sending it into a home in which a mother and her two children lived.

They suffered minor injuries and taken to hospital. It was reported that bus escaped from hitting a 3 moth old boy sat in the living room on a bouncy chair. Eight people on the bus but none got hurt.

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