Top 10 Mobile Application Development Companies In Florida

Nowadays, Mobile Application is the most popular thing in the world. It is a platform where you can find everything and buy whatever you want. It would not be to wrong to say that Mobile Application helps in the Revolution of Technology.

Now a question arises in mind that if I want to create my own mobile application which company I have to choose, who may give the shape of my thoughts in a design who can provide the best development. If you have the same questions, then you are at the right place. Here I can share the information of the top 10 mobile app development companies in Florida, you can easily choose one of them.


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SAGIPL is a mobile app development company certified by Nasscom, ISO 27001-2003, DSCI and FICCI serve worldwide. SAG IPL provides outsourcing IT services that include website design, graphic design, app development, SEO marketing and more.

SAG IPL develop websites that ignite your business. They are experts in what they have done.

Services SAG IPL Offer in Mobile app development:

1. Android App Development
2. I-Phone App Development
3. BlackBerry App Development
4. Windows App development


2. Zakkour Technology


Zakkour Technology is an esteemed mobile app development company in Miami. It provides services like website development, mobile app development, social networking application development and much more. Many mobile apps developed by Zakkour include Smart scope, Trinity, and Roll Call Safety Text etc.

Services Zakkour Technology Offer in Mobile app development:

1. Android App Development
2. I-Phone App Development
3. BlackBerry App Development
4. Windows App development

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3. Kogi Mobile


Kogi Mobile can provide everything from MVPs to full working interfaces for iOS (iPhone, iPad, Apple watch and iPod Touch), Android, The Web and full backend stacks. Kogi Mobile has an over 4 years experience, approximately 200 mobile apps, 100s of mobile and responsive websites and around 30 full stack backend systems running in the cloud. Kogi Mobile can make a real difference to you; either in addition to an existing team or as your sole technical provider.

Services Kogi Mobile Offer in Mobile app development:

1. Ios Development
2. Android Development
3. Web App Development
4. Backend Development

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4. SDSol


SDSol is a technology studio and digital agency located in the Miami, FL. SDSol plan, visualize, collaborate, and design beautiful iOS apps, Android apps, web apps, and custom software. SDSol works with both startups and established businesses. SDSol has developed mobile apps for The Biltmore, Xiialive, Set wire and much more.

Services SDSol Offer in Mobile app development:

1. iPhone App Development
2. iPad App Development
3. Android App Development
4. Cross Platform App Development

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5. Palmer Applications


Palmer Applications is one of the major mobile app development companies in Cape Coral, FL USA. It was entered in the year 2010, and it contains 20+ team members including designers and developers. Palmer has worked for ICity tour solutions and iCity Gov solutions and its office is located in Cape Coral, Florida. Palmer Applications provides services globally.

Services Palmer Applications Offer in Mobile app development:
1. iPhone App Development
2. Android App Development
3. Blackberry 10 App Development
4. iPad App Development
5. Mac App Development

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6. LMS Internet Corporation


LMS Internet (Law Marketing Systems) first opened up in early 2008. Matt Law, The CEO, started the company by offering SEO consulting for business owners. LMS Internet innovated and developers started doing website design. Since 2008, LMS Internet has added mobile marketing, mobile apps, social media, and various other marketing tools to help their clients.

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7. Blue whale App Development


The Blue whale is one of the best and experienced mobile app development companies in Florida. Blue whale mainly develops mobile apps on Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad) and native platforms. Golf My Way, radioPup and First Rate, these are the apps that have got more popularity in the market and got the best review from the customers. Blue whale serves their services in Florida, WASHINGTON DC and NEW YORK.

Services Blue whale Offer in Mobile app development:

1. iPhone app development
2. iPad app development

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8. Digital Trooper

Digital Trooper is one of the Top 25 Charlotte Web design companies. Digital Trooper provides services like web design, mobile apps development, e-commerce and social media marketing and other IT services. The Digital Trooper client base includes CPCC Foundation, Suncap Property Groups, and Top Notch Nail Files. It develops mobile apps for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android (Smart phones and tablets such as the best drawing tablets).

Services Digital Trooper Offer in Mobile app development:

1. IOS app development
(i) iPhone app development
(ii) iPad app development
(iii) iPod app development

2. Android app development (Smartphones and Tablets)

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9. Soft Bolt Technology Solutions


Soft Bolt is a software company who provides his services in the United States. The main service area of the company is web design and development, mobile application development, SEO services. Soft Bolt office is located in Florida.

Services Soft Bolt Offer in Mobile app development:
1. iPhone application development
2. iPad application development
3. Android App Development
4. Windows App development


10. Grata Software

Grata Software offers a website design/development, App development services in the Florida. The Grata Software team is comprised of the senior web application, software and IT engineers with over 30 years of experience from the inception of the internet today. Grata Software assists, advise, architect and develop custom solutions to meet each unique client’s expectations.

Services Grata Software Offer in Mobile app development:

1. iPhone, iPad application development
2. Android, Android Tablet app development
3. PhoneGap app development

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So this is the List of Top 10 Mobile Application Development Companies in Florida, I think an image in your mind is clear and questions are resolved with the above article and you get your answers also you can easily make your decision that which company you have to choose for your small and large business. So hire an experienced app development company in your region and take an advantage of Mobile App Revolution.

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