Tips to Choose the Best Topic for Your Dissertation

It’s true that dissertation writing poses a big challenging for students. The first and foremost challenge in dissertation writing is the selection of suitable topic.

However, a few tips can make this challenge quite easy. Firstly, the student should choose the best topic to make the dissertation interesting. This initial task might sound tough but then it has to be sought out at preliminary stage to avoid confusion.

Choose Topic for Your DissertationNow, the question is how a student can judge that his topic is good enough? A good topic, in general, should express your vision. It should be the one which allows you to converse with existing literature. Your interest and passion in a particular area of research should come out clearly in your dissertation topic. In fact, the right selection of topic will keep you going. This is because if you are interested in something, you will try to attain your goals toward your vision by making it your mission.

The best topic for your dissertation will always push you in making your research work more manageable and comprehensive. Here are a few quick tips to select the right topic for your dissertation:

  • Go with a specific problem or question: This question should actually lead to an answer connecting to the existing literature and hence could be the subject of your dissertation.
  • Avoid vague topic: A broad or vague topic makes the task more confusing. It does not result in anything substantial or relevant. So it’s better to avoid it.
  • Avoid risky track: Try a topic which meets your degree requirements. You might feel like taking a risk with certain topic, but you should try to avoid it. Such opportunities should be explored in future to avoid riskier aspects.
  • Be choosy: The student has to be choosy while selecting the topic. If you want to zero in on a wider topic, select it but then make it narrower as you progress through further research stages.

Pen down your ideas: A student should focus on collating and penning down ideas and arguments. Once you note down all main ideas, then you can select one which you feel should be the topic of your dissertation.

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