This is the Perfect Time for 4-tier Architecture

The ordinary 3-tier application architecture is just not enough to meet the needs of today’s various user experiences on the internet. The 3-tier model had been designed for a pre-mobile device age where applications had to be interacted with only desktop web browsers. The modern variety of possible interactions with different applications requires modern application architecture.

4-tier achievement

BR Softech is the offshore web development company in Jaipur, having rich experience in 4-tier architecture. And the company is sharing some knowledge with us and many other mobile app development companies.

The 4-tier architecture is the need of the hour. It is the time for new applications and websites to embrace this “mobile-first” strategy to satisfy the requirements for fastly changing market conditions for business.

What is the 4-tier application architecture?

4-tier application architecture constitutes client, delivery, agregation and services tiers, and these four together are able to take care of the needs of all mobile requests by different mobile app development companies, for the current time and in near future. The big reason why 3-tier model is exiting is in the client layer, in which the user experience is designed for any kind of device being used , but which still enables developers to use the three layers for most favorable display.

This is completely different layer for delivery, which uses information from the client network to choose from among different optimization tools, e.g. content delivery strategies and image compression, to render optimized delivery to the client layer.

Aggregation is the layer which also works as a kind of streamlined hub for merging internal and external services, like data-storage and third-party services. In Aggregation layer, volumes of application logic resides, and it is in this layer, different data and other kind of contents are compiled for the developer to deliver to the client.

It is the services layer which provides different data and functionality required by the other 3-tiers of 4-tier engagement platform. It has micro services approach to merge current company services with external library services as required.

Why is there a requirement of 4-tier architecture by mobile app development companies and mobile devices?

Modernazied 4-tier architecture had been designed for the mobile age. It renders the good speed which is required for various businesses to turn out to true innovators. It provides ideal configuration for keeping step with the demands made by the client to the developer in today’s mobile age. This layers has the flexibility which allows smooth integration of all required functionality to offer optimum digital experience for the users.

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