Things to Consider While Hiring Senior Java Tech Lead

If you are looking to hire a senior java tech lead for your company and having a hard time, then it’s time that you understand the hierarchy and how they are valued. In India IT is no more regarded as a very lucrative career option however as you move further up the ladder, there are better chances of drawing a higher salary.

Following are few of the criterion which helps in valuing an IT resource

Reputation of the institute from they have got an engineering degree – In case of a fresher, many IT companies go in for campus recruitment and value the candidate according to the reputation of the institute. If a candidate is a graduate from IIT or a RECs they have a better chance of drawing a higher salary than, a candidate who is a passed out from a private institute.

Value of the educational qualification – After the reputation of the institute what counts next in deciding the pay package is the educational qualification. Obviously a B.Tech or a M.Tech is valued more than just a certificate in a particular discipline or a diploma in a certain discipline.

Personal interview and written exam – IT companies while hiring senior java tech lead gives a lot of weight-age to a common entrance exam and the personal interview. Many IT companies in India subject the candidates to a common written exam followed by a personal interview, this helps in hiring the best candidate. In case of senior positions such as senior java tech lead normally several rounds of personal interviews along with group discuss is conducted.

Numbers of years of experience – In the field of IT number of years of experience matter a lot. If you are looking to hire a senior Java tech lead with 10 years of experience then you would be open to spend more money than a senior java tech lead with lesser years of experience.

Expertise in the technology – A resource that has an expertise in other domains along with java and is able to perform other duties such as testing, business analysis definitely would command a higher pay package than somebody who is limited to just one work profile.

There are many other factors such as mobility across different destinations such as client site and onsite locations, work overtime that is work at client working hours, involve in other management activities such as sales and resales etc. Flexibility of the resource to undertake challenging task is one of the important factors. Other than these one must try to figure out the retention of the resource.

Therefore while hiring senior java tech leads, the HR must take into all the above points as well as his/her experience in gauging whether the resource would be beneficial for the organisation and would prove to be an asset for the company.

James Warner is an highly skilled and experienced software and mobile application system development manager at NexSoftsys. He has wide experience in IT industries to develop creative business system based on Java, .Net, Python, iOS, Magento and Android. His broad technology knowledge inspire him to face complicated projects. He is working with Healthcare industries, Telecommunications, Banking and finance IT sector to produce high security and user friendly business system.

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