The Main Causes of Car Accidents in America

Today everyone wants things done fast and becoming fast in different fields and areas is good and show progress for success but everything should not be fast especially in driving cars; because in driving, the slow you drive the better you drive. In other words if said, the safe you drive, it will be good for you, your family and others. Auto accident lawyers will tell you that car accident are one of the main causes of death in America that is increasing year by year. 10 million people are involved in car accidents annually and mostly teenagers. Though there are many and different reasons of car accidents but there are three mains including Distracted driving, Speeding and Drunk driving.

Distracted driving

Along with driving under influence, distracted driving is also the main cause for car accidents in America. Distracted driving can be because of talking on phone, eating, texting, talking, grooming and some other reasons by which drivers can get distracted while they drive. It is found out that the drivers who use hand-held devices while driving are more prone to accidents rather than those who don’t. Apart from this those who text while driving are 25 times more likely to get into accidents. Hence if you want to save yourselves from accidents then pay attention to the road while you drive. If you want a legal insight on this topic, check with this car and motorcycle accident lawyer fresno experts.

Drunk driving

it is one of the main causes for the death of teenagers in a car accident today. As reported and according to research there is over 1.41 million drivers got arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. It is also estimated that 300, 000 incidents of drunk driving occur daily. These drunk driving accidents are preventable if you follow right guidelines as you should not drive while you drunk or should not be driven by drunk drivers. If you are drunk and don’t have a driver then hire a taxi when you go out. By taking right steps you can save your and people’s life. If you are facing a DWI charge then it’s also crucial that you get the right lawyer, as they will stand a much better chance of a successful defense. There is a very well-known DWI lawyer that covers NJ (and more) who we have seen do very well in the DWI area, so they would be the first lawyers that I would suggest you call if you are facing such charges.


everyone must have heard many saying ‘speed up this process or that, speed up your work, speed is necessary if you want to get ahead but sometimes speed can cause car accidents. Enough speed is good and where necessary but over-speeding can be a cause for car accidents. It is one of the prevalent causes of car accident today according to U.S Transport department. It is the cause of one third of all car accidents in America. The slow you drive the safe you drive and when you want to go out somewhere, go half n hour early provided you do not need to speed your car. By doing this you can save your and someone other’s life.

If you or someone in your family is the victim in an auto accident and want to sue the negligent driver, you may need the help of an experienced and professional auto accident lawyer who can help you in your legal battle.

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