The Difference Between Cyber Monday and Black Friday

Black Friday is the beginning of Christmas sales in the US and around the world, which immediately follows Thanksgiving. Everything is for sale, products, and services. The season of discounts will last even a little more than a month, but the lowest prices and the most generous offers are planned for Black Friday. In the USA on this day, many stores change their opening hours and open at midnight, and huge lines are lining the doors of outlets.

Cyber Monday is considered one of the largest online sales worldwide. It was created for those who do not like to run to the shopping mall at night and shove their competitors with their elbows in pursuit of big discounts. You can sit in your favorite chair, go to the desired site and do shopping just with a few simple clicks.

But at the sight of discounts of 50%, 70%, and even 90%, the most persistent people lose their heads and begin to buy everything in a row.

In recent years, sales are not only offline, but also online, so standing in a crowd in the cold is no longer necessary.

For those who do not have time to place an order on “Black Friday”, there is a cyber-Monday. This year it is on December 2. Offline stores do not offer dizzying discounts on this day, but online sites host an attraction of unprecedented generosity.

The tradition of Cyber ​​Monday came from the reluctance of many fans of sales and discounts to visit shopping centers, where even a brawl for tidbits can happen. And so please, sit back sipping tea and do shopping while the chef does not see.

But the main reason for establishing such a day of sales on the network was, as always, marketing specialists. These curious comrades found that sales on the Internet were growing just the same on Monday after Black Friday. Why not stimulate such activity additionally?

Usually, cyber Monday sets discounts on various gadgets, smartphones, and equipment. In order not to overpay, use aggregator sites that collect information about prices and discounts of most online stores.

Also, thinned out for yourself how much you are willing to spend on shopping online. Pay attention to the cost of delivery, sometimes it may exceed the cost of the product itself.

Of course, having a clear plan in your head that you will adhere to throughout the sale will help to stay calm. And it is better to draw it up a few days before the start of the sales promotion. Write down the items that you and your loved ones need. And sort out priorities.

Let us say that you moved to a new apartment and started a renovation. So, building materials or furniture should come first. Understandably, you want a modern smartphone or a gold ring but maybe it is better to wait until next year?

Take a look around and you will see that your old TV will serve perfectly for at least three more years, but it is extremely uncomfortable to live without an equipped kitchen. The choice immediately becomes apparent.

How to prepare for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday

Make a shopping list

Think about what you need to buy, at least approximately. And include in the list both short-term and long-term goals. For example, you do not have a winter down jacket and an electronic book has broken – it is logical to add them to the list of necessary ones. Now it is worth thinking about the future. For example, you can buy dual zone wine coolers and save a lot.

Choose stores

Decide on the sites for shopping, so that on the day of sales not to rummage the entire Internet. For example, you need a washing machine, a dishwasher, two basic T-shirts, flip flops for the pool and cat food. Pick up some stores that have already announced their participation in Black Friday. So at the appointed time, you have to choose from two or three, and not from a thousand options.

Build a budget

Decide how much you are willing to spend. Transfer this amount in advance to the card you pay online. And then just in case, add another 10-15% of this amount there. Even if your will is strong, like a diamond, you cannot resist a particularly advantageous offer, so let there be a small supply of funds beyond what was planned. A penny saved is a penny earned. Take a thought whether you are ready to give all your savings away for one day. Maybe you need something big like an RV that will serve your family for years. Do not have cash-for-trash. Whether you are buying a Class C RV for the first time or are planning to upgrade your existing model, the Thor Majestic 19G is a good option. This model is designed to be self-contained with several features not typically found in Class C RVs.

Keep in mind that Black Friday is followed by a Cyber-Monday, so do not lose all the money in the first hours of the sale.

Decide on delivery

See delivery terms from selected stores in advance. What and for how much they send the goods. Buy gifts for the New Year, if delivery is two months, it is not worth it.

Double-check to be sure

A discount of even 50% does not mean that you will make a bargain. Why? Unfortunately, some stores, especially those selling electronics and household appliances, raise prices, especially before cyber Monday, if you plan to buy some electronics and store them for some time, read here about how can cold weather damage electronics. It turns out that during the campaign only the price tag changes, but not the price itself.

The solution is simple. You can find out the price of the thing you are interested in advance. Failed? Nothing wrong. To deal with unscrupulous sellers, many services are designed to monitor prices in online stores.A

Melisa Marzett is a freelance writer and a traveler currently writing for online essays and enjoying her lifestyle very much because this is what she wanted to be doing since she was a little girl. She was much of a reader even back then and read a lot of adventure books admiring both, characters and authors. She dreamt a dream to become a writer herself and travel all the time instead of desk work in an office.


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