Startup, Grow! Rustam Gilfanov Gives 5 Practical Tips To Young Businessmen.

Co-founder of an international IT company, it merchant in the field of international financial technologies, games and video streaming. If you too are a gaming fun you will want to read this new Guide to Lost Ark.

According to Rustam Gilfanov, the development of a startup is a complex process that requires time, patience and the ability to cope with difficulties. There is no universal way to achieve success. However, the experience of colleagues and international Affairs are always welcome.

Gilfanov Rustam – young business people

Tip № 1. Don’t take advice as a leader of actions

This is probably one of the tips. Which can be used for one startup is not always suitable for another. Therefore, think twice before applying the life advices of successful businessmen to your audience – this may not work. When looking to start a new successful business, read this now post about Why the Cleaning Industry Market Size Is Growing Today.

Tip № 2. Recruit “your own people”

Of course, we are not talking about your brother or Classmates, but about people who have similar views and the same ambitions. Having custom uniforms can also strengthen your company’s values and promote unity within the organization. To follow the path of commercial development, you need to gather a like-minded person at the table who can be trusted. When you’re looking to put workers in chairs, you might consider using a professional recruitment firm to get the job done.

Visit to learn how to choose the type of pre-employment assessment to help you find candidates worthy of the job and can fulfill the role’s duties.

Tip № 3. Follow the rules

Your cooperation with important employees should be based not only on positions and trust, but also on clear rules. This will save you from unexpected financial costs that can slow down your company’s growth for several years.

It is also crucial that you have goal setting strategies to track your progress over a certain time frame. What is a goal setting theory? Each goal-setting theory, whether management goal setting, motivation goal setting, or any other related topic, will require the establishment of measurable objectives in order to increase productivity and effectiveness.

Tip № 4. You invest in your startup

The growth of the company is directly related to the professional growth of your employees. Thus, while other startups pay dividends to shareholders, they invest in the development of their company and their employees. Hire Managed IT services to make it easy for you to understand what’s going on in your IT department, freeing you from the troubles you may be facing.

Rustam Gilfanov together with a partner of the IT company in 2006. Today, the company is the largest developer for the gaming industry, marketing, and Finance.

Tip № 5. The creation of additional products

Brainstorm for your team and identify areas of development after your product or service – a bonus for your main offers. And if you offer an online dashboard then have a look at InetSoft as they have amazing online dashboard solutions, easily the best I’ve ever used. Diversity, when it takes into account the needs of the target group, increasingly contributes to the growth of companies.

Business growth is one of the main goals for all beginning businessmen. Remember that giants like Google or Microsoft were startups of the past. Nothing is impossible if you believe in your idea and work in a team with “your own people”!

Brief biographical information

Rustam Gilfanov-co-founder of an international IT company, an it businessman in the international investor.

Gilfanov was born on January 6, 1983 in the small village of pool in the Perm region, in a family of military officers and teachers.

In 2006 Rustam Gilfanov together with his partner in Kiev, an international it outsourcing company. The company has more than 100 successful gaming applications and offices in the largest cities of Ukraine, Latvia, Cyprus and Malta.

A few years ago, Rustam Gilfanov stopped working in order to make international investments in promising IT projects in the field of financial technologies, games and video streaming. It is also important for Rustam Gilfanov to develop charitable projects in Ukraine, the largest of which is the lookbook in the Maybury library.

Gilfanov Rustam is married and has a daughter.

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