Shiftal – The Easiest & Best Way to Buy Bitcoin In India

Are you looking for the best and simplest way to buy Bitcoin in India using your domestic currency or payment methods? Well, we are going to introduce you to a leading and fast-growing P2P exchange where you can buy Bitcoin as easily as buying bread from your local shop.

Shiftal is a leading peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange that allows you to buy Bitcoin using INR. Yes, you heard it right. On the Shiftal platform, you can easily convert your INR into BTC and become a proud owner of the world’s most popular digital currency.

The Shiftal exchange uses the escrow service to protect the user funds and data. It supports over 70 payment methods for buying & selling bitcoins. In addition, all the Shiftal exchange users get a free, highly secure Bitcoin wallet to store and manage their funds.

Shiftal employs multiple measures to secure its platform users from theft and unauthorised access. A transparent trading process and a robust dispute resolution system backed by the industry-first callback request feature makes it the safest Bitcoin exchange in India.

How it works

A user looking to buy Bitcoin in the easiest way possible can register on the Shiftal website to get started.

After completing your registration, visit the website and simply select your country/location and preferred payment method (how you want to pay). Based on your selection, the website will show the best offers available from Bitcoin sellers around the globe. Choose the offer that best matches your requirements and start trading.

This is where things get interesting. Unlike traditional exchanges where a middleman or a system works to match buy-sell orders, Shiftal allows buyers and sellers to trade directly with each other in a totally transparent manner.

On the trade page, you can even chat directly with a potential seller. If both parties agree on trade terms, the buyer can make the payment directly to the seller in a mutually agreed manner.

The Shiftal exchange uses the escrow service to ensure safe & fraud-free transactions. A buyer will get the coins only after the seller confirms receiving the payment.

But, what if I don’t find a suitable offer for me?

In that case, you can post a new ‘buy’ advertisement detailing your specific conditions & requirements, including the preferred payment method. Once your ad goes live, anyone interested in the offer will directly connect with you to finalize the trade terms.

What are the benefits of Shiftal P2P exchange?

When compared to traditional crypto exchanges, P2P exchanges are not only more secure but offer a safer way for users to buy/sell bitcoins privately and without the need of a middleman. This increases security, speed and transparency in transactions and reduces the overall cost.

The best benefit with Shiftal P2P exchange, however, is the flexibility to pay in your favorite methods and using your local currency. You can pay directly from your bank account or use a credit card, debit card or even a digital wallet to pay. Also, Shiftal is a European-regulated exchange and completeloy safe to trade with.

Payment methods on Shiftal

Here are some payment options that you can use to pay for your Bitcoin transactions on the Shiftal P2P exchange:

  1. Direct bank transfer (NEFT/IMPS/NBT)
  2. Cash payment to the seller
  3. Secure UPI payment to the seller account in India
  4. MoneyGram or Western Union for secure international payments
  5. Credit Card or debit card
  6. Digital wallets, such as Paytm, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, and many more.
  7. Vouchers and coupons, including Amazon pay voucher.

Can I sell Bitcoin on Shiftal?

Yes, you can buy as well as sell Bitcoins on Shiftal. The process to sell Bitcoin on Shiftal is the same. You can either choose from available ads or create your own post with specific conditions & requirements and your preferred payment method.

Start selling Bitcoin now and receive money in your bank account.

How do I earn more with Shiftal?

Besides earning profits from buying and selling Bitcoins on Shiftal, you can also participate in the Shiftal referral program and earn passive revenue for a lifetime by building and growing your referral network. Learn here how the Shiftal program works.

So, what are you waiting for? Start buying the world’s favourite cryptocurrency using your local currency and payment methods in India. Register on Shiftal today!

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