Saint Patrick’s Day in 2022 (Wednesday, 17 March)

When is St. Patrick’s Day – Wednesday, 17 March, 2022

Every nation has its own special celebrations, which eventually spread throughout the world. One of these holidays is St. Patrick’s Day, which is celebrated with pleasure not only in his homeland, in Ireland, but also in other countries.

The cultural and religious holiday has already become traditional both in the United States and in Japan, and since 1991, it has become known in Russia. St. Patrick’s Day in 2022 will be celebrated on March 17 – this date is permanent and is dedicated to the memory of the heavenly patron of Ireland who lived in the years 385-461. A.D. The holiday symbolizes the adoption of Christianity in Ireland, and since the seventeenth century Catholic, Orthodox, and individual Protestant churches have celebrated it.

All believers must attend the temples and participate in the festive service, and the church allows for indulgence in fasting and even allows the use of alcohol. In Ireland, it is a cultural heritage day and is one of the major national holidays. St. Patrick’s Day is famous for its amazing traditions: this day costumed processions and parades are arranged, magnificent celebrations are accompanied by Ceili dance and other fun events.

Who Saint Patrick Is

The exact place and time of the birth of the saint are unknown since many facts from life are not recorded anywhere. According to The Confession, written by Patrick himself, and according to the suggestion of British scholars, he was born into a wealthy family in the north of England around the year 389. At birth, he received the Celtic name MaewynSuccat. At the age of 16, pirates kidnapped him and sold him into slavery to one of the local tribal leaders of Ireland.

It is believed that the Latin name Patrikius he received thanks to his master, who gave the young man the nickname Cothrige, which translated from the local dialect means “noble person”. Over time, he became known as Patrick – so the usual mockery of the noble origin of a slave was transformed into a name known to the whole world. In slavery, the young man adopted Christianity and received the Latin name Mago – this allowed him to more easily endure all the hardships and offer his prayers to the Lord.

Later, the saint in his “Confession” wrote that it was the prayers that helped him find the strength to escape from captivity and return to his homeland. Patrick studies in the monasteries of Gaul, where he receives the rank of bishop. A few years later, he voluntarily travels to Ireland on a religious mission.

He wrote that his trip was influenced by a vision that would convert the Irish to Christianity. The locals warmly welcomed the missionary enlightener, where he remained until the end of his days. The exact burial place of the Irish patron is unknown, but it is considered that his body was buried in the city of Downpatrick.

The Story Behind Saint Patrick`s Day

In Ireland, the day of the patron was considered a national holiday until the XVII century, then the date of the death of the saint was added to the liturgical calendar. At the beginning of the 20th century, it became an official holiday. Orthodox Christians honor the memorial day of Patrick. It is customary to celebrate a secular holiday on March 17 in almost all countries of the world.


A church celebration can be postponed to another day if it falls on the last week before Easter (Holy Week). From the middle of the 20th century, the holiday became a state one in Northern Ireland, Newfoundland, on the island of Montserrat and in Labrador. In some states, it is celebrated for several days.


Legend has it that the bishop used a cloverleaf during his sermon on the Holy Trinity. Using the plant as an example, the preacher told the Irish about the unity of God the father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. On the island, clover became the main attribute of the church celebration, and later the day of memory of Bishop Patrick.


According to this legend, the green color of the plant has also become a national symbol, so on a holiday, everyone tries to wear clothes of these shades. Interestingly, even the Queen of Great Britain and members of the royal family use jewels in the form of a shamrock and are sure to congratulate the Irish Guards.

A local legend is also associated with leprechauns. Irish fabulous creatures are considered not only the guardians of treasure but also the main patrons of family happiness and prosperity. It is believed that a meeting with this little man promises wealth and success in all endeavors. According to legend, they can fulfill the three most cherished desires.

Inherent attributes of the celebrations are the staff of the Shilha and the harp, the image of which is present on the Irish coat of arms.


Many national and religious traditions are associated with the celebrations. Orthodox believers on this day try to climb the summit of the Holy Mountain, where according to one of the legends, the heavenly patron of Ireland spent 40 days in prayers and fasting. Secular celebrations are accompanied by noisy processions and theatrical performances.

One of the national traditions is green beer, the cup of which every Irishman or guest of the country should drink. In the people, celebrate the date celebrated by dancing and magnificent feasts. To this day, hosts bake special cookies in the form of trefoil, covering them with emerald icing.

Beer is served with stewed cabbage with bacon and corned beef. All over the world on this day, high-rise buildings and various natural objects are highlighted in green or emerald green. In some cities, multicolored garlands are used as decorations. Residents of American Chicago are tinted with special dyes of water from a local river.

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