Safety Concerns Grow with the Popularity of Music Festivals

As a young music fan, attending a major festival may seem like a rite of passage. While these events can certainly be fun and serve as an opportunity to enjoy sights and sounds with friends, there is a darker side.

Throughout the country, many electronic dance music festivals are coming under the scrutiny of their host cities due to serious safety concerns. Concertgoers and outside observers are noting very serious health concerns related to uncontrollable crowds and drug use.

With this in mind, could festival organizers be doing a better job of ensuring safety?

Leaders throughout the country are very hesitant to allow the festivals to continue in their jurisdictions. For example, the mayor of Miami, Florida, indicated that he doesn’t want the Ultra Music Festival to return after a security guard was trampled at the event earlier this year.

Another situation security deals with are bag checks in order to catch illegal drugs from making it into festival sites. Drug use can impact more than one person, as uninhibited behavior can cause issues within the confines of festival grounds. At the same time, an adequate number of medical staff should be on duty to deal with any potential health issues.

As crowds at these festivals grow, organizers should make sure an adequate amount of qualified security and medical staff is on duty. On the other hand, perhaps the festivals are simply becoming too large.

This post isn’t suggesting that people should be forbidden from attending a festival to watch their favorite performers; rather, it’s a reminder of the duty owed to concert attendees. By making the effort to organize such a massive event, basic safety precautions should be taken to best ensure the health of all who attend.

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