Rustam Gilfanov Talks About The Development Of Voice Technologies

Rustam Gilfanov is an IT company owner, IT businessman and international investor. 

Rustam Gilfanov was born in 1983 in a village called Basin in Perm Kari. his father worked as a military man and his mother as a teacher. 

In 2006, Rustam Gilfanov and his partners launched an it outsourcing company in Kiev. Today, his company is the first in the development of software for the gaming industry. 

A few years ago, Gilfanov retired from managing his company to pursue international investments in promising projects in the fields of financial technology, gambling, and video streaming. He also believes that it is very important to develop their charitable projects in Ukraine. 

According to research, by the end of 2022, about 60% of Internet requests will be made using our voice. Also, the use of voice will be the most important difference for the largest companies. Rustam Gilfanov, co-founder of an international IT company and investor, spoke in detail about the development of voice technologies in the near future.

Now we always write a text if we are looking for something on the Internet. The average number of words we utter in 1 minute is 125-150. This is almost 3 times faster than our typing speed. “It’s no secret that one-day voice input will dominate online search. Voice requests are much faster and easier to make,” thinks Rustam Gilfanov. 

According to statistics conducted by Google, 56% of people who use voice typing to search for local companies. This helps small businesses a lot, especially small coffee shops and flower shops. “I believe that in the near future we will see how voice SEO marketing works. A significant number of text queries contain 1-3 words, but 4-6 words are the average volume of voice search. Most major brands use voice search to communicate more effectively with customers. According to Just AI, many companies are already choosing bots based on artificial intelligence. This is quite a wise decision for a customer-oriented business. 

Gilfanov says: “efficiency is the main reason people choose voice search. “Voice search allows them to work much faster. This new ability to multitask generates patterns of new human behavior. As an example, many voice search users in America request a short announcement about events scheduled today. 

I know that 2022 will be a big breakthrough in voice technology and changing our digital experience. 

Also, one very important part of the promotion of voice search is the development of artificial intelligence. Voice search and other novelties in the IT world that we use are based on our speech recognition. What will voice assistants be capable of in the near future? I think that real-time translations from different languages will soon be no problem. We will get ready-made solutions that are based on our wishes. Voices will become more human-like, and they will even learn to adapt to our mood.

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