8 Things Nobody Has Ever Told You about Renovating Your Bathroom

In this post, I am going to share with you 8 things nobody has ever told you about renovating your bathroom.

Have you ever dreamt of giving your bathroom an extreme makeover? You may not be completely aware of some important aspects that need to be taken into account and what things need to be avoided to achieve a modern, tasteful yet practical bathroom.

Here are 8 Things Nobody Has Ever Told You about Renovating Your Bathroom!

1. Provide Adequate Ventilation

Your bathroom needs to have a high-quality ventilation system with a timer switch. It should remain activated until 15 minutes after you have stepped out of the shower. This will prevent your ceiling paint from peeling off and retard the formation of humidity or mold stains. Professional painters from Express Quality Painting provide expert painting services.

2. Install a large electric towel rack

This type of radiator is anchored to the wall and is very practical. Apart from serving as a radiator, it warms the towels before use.

There are small-sized versions for small walls, and you even have the option of installing these radiators in empty corners.

3. Avoid Mismatched Fixtures

You shouldn’t mix more than two types of materials, such as wood, metal or tile. If you insist on using a potpourri of items in your bathroom, you will end up with a “chaotic” aspect, more suited for a hippie commune, than a chic home.

Luxury and sophistication always come from understatement and the repetition of color palettes and materials. This is especially noticeable in toilettes and bathrooms. Also get any drain blockages fixed.

4. Plan your Bathroom for Easy Maintenance  

When you have a busy schedule, it may be problematic to keep your bath pristine clean, especially if you entertain often. Always choose materials that are easy to care for.
A good piece of advice to simplify your maintenance is to pick the biggest tiles available. Also, keep in mind that white tiles and grout get dirty faster than beige or colored tiles, so it’s a good idea to steer clear of them. Before sealing your grout, you must know about what type of grout sealer to use in a shower.

5. Stay away from outdated designs

Think about this before you do a big, expensive renovation. Make sure that the designs you choose will last for years to come so you don’t feel the need to renovate every few years. An example of an excellent renovation choice are using cork floor tiles in Brisbane.

The following items will serve you, especially if you have a tiny bathroom.

6. Install a sliding door

Conventional doors that open inwards considerably reduce the useful space of the bathroom. They usually complicate access to the sink or the toilet, so a sliding door is a really useful option and a practical solution that leaves frees up a lot of important space.

7. Don’t choose an enormous bathtub

When we speak about bathtubs, there are 2 kinds of people. The ones that can’t live without soaking in their tubs and those who always shower and just have their bathtubs as a decorative accessory. In either case, the best option for small bathrooms is to completely avoid a bathtub and to install a shower.

In some small bathrooms, it is practically impossible to have a bathtub. So a tasteful option is to go for a shower with a glass stall. You will need suction cups to properly handle the glass. It can be spacious, functional and it gives the bathroom a modern look.

8. Don’t waste dead angles

Even if your bathroom has a strange distribution you can take advantage of its design. Dead angles can always be used to create storage solutions or to come up with creative decorative ideas. Corner shelves can be quite handy, and practical for reaching necessary items.

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