Provably Fair Stop Cheaters When Gambling

Many players flock to these sites to take a chance at winning making the platform thrive for 20 years plus. Unfortunately, the gambling industry is riddled with complaints from gamblers that are not amused by the lack of fairness and randomness. Fortunately, the entrance of the casino blockchain-based technology is set to alter things as it will help put an end to casinos cheating gamers. Before you claim a Bitcoin casino bonus or any other crypto reward for sign up, make sure you read this guide to understand how to find real blockchain gambling that can not be matched for fairness.

The End Of Traditional Casinos 

Trust is the number one key point that players want to be enacted into gambling platforms. They want to participate in platforms where they are guaranteed fair results. New gamers must search for casinos like that offer them fairness, platforms that are backed up by gaming licenses and third-party audits. You can also play satta king game in india on trusted website.

Blockchain-based casinos are changing the industry abruptly! By creating open-source and RNG hashing two pieces of technology that provide ultimate trust, something that traditional gambling platforms can’t offer but sites like บา ค่า ร่า สล็อต do. 

Provably Fair Gaming 

Blockchain casinos are run on blockchain-tech, which is a network of computers in different parts of the world that are linked to each other. The interlinking is independent and creates a decentralized platform which is ultra-secure. Both randomness and authenticity on this platform run and can be verified independently, thus making it impossible to cheat.  To try a casino you can trust, just click to play beez kneez now.

How Traditional Online Casinos Cheat 

Traditional online casinos take advantage of gamers by gaining the betting information before results are produced and alter the same to return a loss purposefully. Since the info is hidden, these casinos are get away with cheating because gamers are unable to investigate how the algorithms work. 

However, with blockchain-based gambling, all results are verified independently by the network. Reason being,  all the data is collected on the open-source platform. The information is stored on a public ledger, thus promoting transparency. With blockchain casino games, all results are verified independently by the network with all of the data open-sourced and stored via a public ledger for complete transparency. 

Trust Through Blockchain 

With the continuous penetration of hackers, even the most secure traditional casinos are vulnerable. They leave themselves exposed when they link their platforms to third-parties, giving hackers a leeway. 

Blockchain-based casinos with games like 7s to burn at KingCasino offer provably fair games that come with verification tools. These tools, which are public ledgers, are independent of the casino platform. The technology used in these casinos have created a trustless gambling system that doesn’t need to be verified by audit companies. Foolproof algorithms run them. 

100% Gambling Transparency 

Online casinos are notorious for running misleading advertising, which tells punters what they want to hear. They lie to players to make them risk their hard-earned money since they’re vulnerable. 

Many online-casinos lie that they’re crypto casinos because they accept cryptocurrencies such as BTC. They also claim to provide provably fair gambling, which is wrong. Players are asked to conduct thorough checks to ensure that they play on real blockchain-based casinos. 


Since its inception, online gambling has been flawed, creating a conducive atmosphere for cheats. The advent of blockchain tech has come to stop all this nonsense and is slowly revolutionizing the gaming industry. Platforms such as truePlay, FunFair, and Wagerr are leading the way. By providing genuine betting, the gambling sector is slowly regaining trust with the next generation of gamblers.

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