Latest Professional Video Editing Software in 2022

There come times when you shoot brilliant video and end up messing with it due to wrong selection of post-processing technique. Knowing post-processing of videos is an equally important skill you should acquire as knowing how to shoot stunning videos.

Here, you can try your skills manually to make your videos look more appealing to masses. Though you can spend hours in your processing lab to make your videos look better by the manual process but it has its own limitations.

Here, you need to spend a lot of time to apply every single change and filter. To deal with it, professional video editing tools come as a better solution to help you improve your video quality significantly.

In this article, we have discussed latest professional video editing software tools that you should try in 2022.

List of the top 5 Video Editing Software in 2022

When the list is long we have tried to review top 5 video editing software in this article that you should try in 2022. These tools work automatically to help you get instant and effective results.

Vegas Pro Edit

Vegas Pro Edit offers advanced editing utilities in a sleek and logical interface to improve the user experience. It helps you customize your videos with some amazing features & functionalities to improve your video quality. It is designed to deliver instant and effective results while being light on system resources. You can use its unique real-time timeline editing feature to completely customize your videos with greater flexibility.

Vegas Pro Edit

Source: vegascreativesoftware

You can use this smart tool to enhance your editing experience with more power and creativity. Further, it helps you edit, refine and deliver high-quality results in simple few clicks process. It is equipped with NVIDIA and Intel QSV hardware acceleration to deliver effective results.

It supports all file types including HD or 4K versions. In other features, it offers automatic crossfades, on-preview window control, instant freeze frame, expanded edit mode, sync-link, multicamera editing, velocity envelopes, time stretch/compress, shuffle editing and lot more.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Use this state-of-the-art tool to turn your raw footage into flawless production. It works on industry-standard software to offer you bunch of useful editing features. You can use this tool to edit videos, refine audio quality, adjust colors and for much more.

This is one of the best video editing software for YouTubers, filmmakers, designers, and videographers. You can use its amazing features to start your own vlogue, create impressive videos or to share beautiful content on YouTube or other social media accounts.

Vegas Pro Edit

Source: adobe

It gives you tremendous flexibility to create some amazing videos by allowing you to import footage from any camera or your smartphone, add titles, trim clips, and adjust audio. This non-linear editor allows you to have numerous projects open while collaborating on a single project with people around you. It further allows you to lock your important projects so that no one can see or change it. In other features, it supports various file formats and offers workflows for graphics, color, audio and lot more. You can use this powerful tool to edit your videos on any computer seamlessly.


PowerDirector offers plenty of useful features in a single utility to make your video editing task smooth and effortless. It offers free video templates, MultiCam editing, color match & look-up table support, and lot more for better results. It offers TrueTheater Color experience with intuitive collage maker feature. You can use this powerful video editing software to get best out of your videos. Here, it offers commercial-grade 306-video stabilization feature to make your action videos more interesting.


Source: pcmag

It even works as an intelligent tool to perform necessary color correction task where it will analyze your video footage and help you adjust various factors including light, saturation and color variables. It delivers best results no matter you have videos from low light conditions or super-bright videos. It further offers Look-up-Table (LUT) method to help you match footage from one source to another. Using this tool, you can combine or switch in between four camera shots to create and sync one video.

HitFilm Pro

HitFilm pro is VFX powerhouse, compositor and all-in-one editor. This smart tool helps you create stunning VFX content with some amazing features. It offers new built-in animation tools, 800+ VFX and presets, compositor, professional editor and lot more. It makes post-production work seamless by offering you high-performance editing utilities built-in with this tool. Here, you can import, edit or boot-up your videos to make them look absolutely professional. It works in the background so that you can do more important work on your system.

HitFilm Pro

Source: hitfilm

It further helps you playback & polish your video in real-time and offers frame-by-frame visual effects. It supports different video formats, resolution, and different frame rates simultaneously. It even allows you to add multiple clips and audio tracks for effective results. In other features, it supports up to 8K resolution UHD, linear color space compositing, 32-bit color depth and lot more.

Media Composer

Media Composer offers the best results with its intuitive and user-friendly interface. It works on smart algorithms to help you create some amazing videos effortlessly. You can use this tool to make brilliant videos. It even allows your teams to work remotely on this tool from any location using virtual license without the need of installing Media Composer on their systems. It allows you to connect multiple camera and video devices to make stunning videos using media intelligence. It helps you create and share amazing content in few clicks process.

Media Composer

Source: avid

It is the easiest tool to use no matter you are professional or a novice user. It helps you edit, navigate, preview, find and import videos and other media with effective Source Browser. It further offers enhanced visual feedback with a streamlined interface. It also offers various audio features including audio ducking, audio dupe detection, AudioSuite clip effects, groups and lot more. This smart tool supports all file types, media, aspect ratio and different resolutions including 2K to Ultra HD and 8K high-resolution.


Professional video editing tools offer some amazing features to help you transform your raw video footage into brilliant work. These smart tools work on advanced algorithms to help you apply different filters and features to make your videos look stunning. We have discussed some of these amazing tools here. If you know more of these tools, feel free to comment in box below.

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