Procedure for Washing and Drying Your Hair Integration of Hair Extensions

Natural human hair always be managed carefully and cared very much. Hair extensions are also require same care as well. Hair extensions are easy to wear and remove, Wear them for parties, social gatherings or just anywhere you would like to. You can wear them on any occasion or anywhere. But after particular use they become dirty or tangled, so need to wash them at this point.

To manage hair extensions properly and to keep them smooth, shiny you need to care them perfectly. For perfect care you should wash and dry them after particular use. So basically, you must know the correct procedure of washing and drying your hair integrations. You may have permanent or temporary hair extensions, as they have separate methods of installation; same like this they also have different procedure of washing. Washing is generally depends upon their attachment procedures.

Temporary hair extensions do not need to wash like your natural hair. As temporary hair extensions come in types such as micro rings and clip-ins. This can be easily wear or remove. So before taking bath you should simply remove them and wash them whenever desired, separately in a tub or something like that. On other hand permanent hair extensions are not be easily removed, you need to wash them just like your own natural hair but with extra care. As they attached with glue so you should be very careful while washing them. Types of permanent hair extensions are like sewn and pre-bonded hair additions. These have to be washed along with your natural hair after they have been added.

Before washing both the forms of hair integrations make sure that they are tangle free. If it’s not like that, then first straighten them out with a comb. After straightening them, soak in lukewarm water just like you do with your natural hair before washing. Always use beast quality shampoo for washing your hair extensions. Gently lather them and keep stroking them from the base to tip and never haphazardly or they will get tangled which will make them useless. After shampooing, and washing apply conditioner on extension. After conditioning, wash hair extensions thoroughly.

Now after washing you need to dry your hair integrations. For making dry, first wrap a towel so as to soak most of the water. Let them dry naturally after this. Stylist suggest, not to use dryer and comb for drying hair extensions but in fact using dryer and comb you may get them shining like before. If you want to use dryer then make sure that heat is minimum. It will keep safe your hair integrations. Proper care and maintenance brings long life of your hair extensions.

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