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Who would not like to make money without spending a penny for it? Today, most of the people remain tucked to their computers daily to find out ways to earn money. It isn’t uncommon to hear people asking for the ways of making money online without making any investment and spending too much of time.

Money Making Game

Quizistan is a new app thriving as a quiz game for many people to make some real cash. People are already making some extra cash online playing this live quiz game. It doesn’t require to spend hours on it but you need to spend just 5 minutes to win upto Rs 100, which can be used to buy a snack or go out for a movie.

You can play a game every hour, for which you just need to register and choose a language of your choice. There are 8 different topics available for the users to choose from which include: GK, Science, History & Geography, Music, Bollywood, Mythology, Who Am I, and Mathematics. You can play online games on different topics starting from 12:30 pm till 10:15 pm.

About the Game:

Playing Quizistan is fun but also challenging at the same time, as you need to be aware knowledgeable about a few facts. Our developers have kept the format very simple and easy going, so that anybody can play this knowledge game at any time and from anywhere.

Basically, it is a race against the clock, as a variety of questions are waiting in your deck of cards. If you aren’t able to answer a question in the time frame of 10 seconds, you need not worry as you are still in the game. Our developers have made sure that no one is eliminated from this money game and everyone is able to play it till the end.

Better and Interesting:

What makes Quizistan better than any other online quiz games is that you can play it from anywhere through the day by participating in any contest of your choice and can also win some real cash.

QUIZ TIMINGqiyywiy12:30PM: General Knowledge   05:00PM: Music
Quiz Timings are as follows:

12:30 PM: GK
2:00 PM: Science
3:00 PM: Music
4:00 PM: Maths
7:15 PM: History & Geography
8:15 PM: Cricket
9:15 PM: Who AM I?
10:15: Bollywood

The amount you win depends on your ranking in the game. However, 4th and 8th question will give you a chance to score double points and also increase your chances of improving your rank amongst other players.

You will be able to claim for a cash prize only once you have more than Rs. 100 in your wallet.

Earn a 50-50 Lifeline:

You can earn a 50-50 lifeline by referring a friend, more friends you refer higher will be the number of 50-50 lifeline’s available with you. Playing with friends is also a fun as you can see who is better.

To try and play this online quiz game, download it from Google Play store for Android users and App Store for iOS users.

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