6 Major Packaging Design Rules That You Can’t Ignore

When consumers walk into a store or supermarket, they got attracted towards endless options of products. It is very important for your brand and your products to stand out from the crowd. Only a good custom soap packaging design can grab your consumer’s attention. Now, brand owners are smart enough to use their product packaging as a marketing tactic.

However, you need to focus on long-term usability because what’s treading today may not be popular tomorrow. So you need to play with your packaging design according to the trends.

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Product packaging as a graphic design principle is an industry within itself. It doesn’t really matter, whether you are a small scale business owner or large scale business owner product packaging will surely boost your business to a next level. So, how can brand stay consistent while maximizing the effort on product packaging?

Basic Rules You Need To Follow for Product Packaging Design

There are some common basic rules that you need to follow for product packaging design.


When consumers pick your product, the very first thing that comes to their mind is what is this product? And what’s the brand behind? Make sure that your product answers these questions. There are many brand owners who focus so much upon their product that they forget these simple rules. Always remember that consumers dedicate only 4 seconds just to decide whether they want to buy this product or not. Your brand name should be highlighted in the front and don’t forget to mention how their brand will change their life. You need to convey two important things in your product, the brand, and use. If your packaging design is very complex then it might end up in confusing your audience or overlook the brand completely. Keep this simple rule in your mind that, the patience of the shopper is lower than ever before.


If you are new business owner, then it is important for you to build your consumers trust. The only way to build that is by providing an image that can grab their attention. The fact is undeniable that your product quality holds an utmost position but you can’t ignore the marketing of your product. Even if the quality of your product is good but it will gradually lose its presence with millions of similar products. If you are depicting your product ten times better than it actually is, then you will be misleading your consumers and this will impact your sales and brand image. This is where honesty plays a major role, you have to be honest with your brand and your products. As a brand owner, you should represent your product in the best possible ways but at the same time, you have to honest with your consumers.


The only key that will help you in long run is the originality of the products. You may have seen there are hundreds of similar products that are available in the market but only a few brands can grab their audience attention for a longer period of time. The only mantra they are following is being as authentic as they were at the beginning of their brand. Most of them use 3D product packaging as it will look different and unique. You have to very creative in your design so that you can set your brand apart from the crowd. If you want to stick with one design then make sure that it has a strong visual standard so that it can stay in market for longer period of time.

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You should make sure that the product explains about your brand in just few lines. The packaging design you choose can be used in other products as well. You don’t have to be creative all the time, you can use the same design in every product. If you started designing something which is not needed and doesn’t fit to your product, then it will confused your customers. If you want to avoid this, then you should start designing something that can hold your customers attention for a longer period of time. Make sure that you change your design and packaging according to the latest trends.


While designing your packaging, you should also consider how you are going to present your product in a container. You need to be practical about the whole thing, not just designing. There are many products available in the market that can easily attract their customers because of the sealing and the way it is easy to carry. It can give a powerful boost to your sales and improve your brand image in just a few days. Always keep this in your mind that you have to make this make your customers happy in the best possible way.


You should design and develop your product packaging in such a way that it can never hamper your mother earth. There are so many customers who used to buy products based on recycling. If you want a boost in your then you can also add clear information on your packaging recycling. You should always avoid excess packaging and switching to sustainable packaging is an all-in-one solution.

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