OST Recovery – Flawless Solution to Recover Orphaned OST Files

Offline storage goes into an orphan state owing to a number of reasons. However, deleting an offline storage or disabling/denying access of the Exchange mailbox can also give rise to the issue majorly.

If the mailbox on the server end representing the OST file is, deleted or disabled access to by the administrator the OST file will certainly become orphaned. Moreover, a number of users also use the controller card for their Exchange caching.

Therefore, there are chances that this card may malfunction or tend to fail, in a condition like this; the cached data might be lost in the process leading to corruption of the database that ultimately results in corrupting the corresponding OST.

Resolving a condition like this is a little tricky. However, there exist commercial utilities that make the procedure effortless yet flawless. The latter segment discusses both manual procedures (if possible) and OST Recovery – flawless solution to recover orphaned OST files, to be discovered.

Recovering An Orphaned Offline Mailbox Replica – Manually

Manually recovering Offline data files is very much possible. However, end user efforts are a major input that these methods demand for their implementation. In order to troubleshoot issues on your end, it is necessary to understand the nature of the problem first.

Therefore, you need to examine what caused the issue to rise in the first place to determine what measures need to be applied for troubleshooting.

For instance, if the problem is with the mailbox on server end, you need to determine that first like; deletion of mailbox. Once the cause is discovered, you are needed to implement suitable measures to overcome the consequences.

An OST file becomes orphan when it has nothing with which it can connect. Individually the file stores all the newly generated data, but unless it is synchronized with its representing mailbox, the file is in an orphan state.

IMPORTANT: Unless the mailbox is brought back into a working and accessible, state the user cannot regain access to their OST file. Offline data files are bound to their server mailbox with an encryption security that helps Outlook recognize the correct mailbox to synchronize OST file with.

OST Recovery – Flawless Solution to Recover Orphaned OST Files

Commercial utilities have been on the rise ever since and so are tools for recovering OST files. An orphaned OST file is considered more or less corrupted only as without being able to synchronize with its representing server mailbox, it is of no use.

Therefore, recovery is the only way you can regain access to its contents. Manually the situation seems unresolvable and a little complicated for every user to deal with. However, as far as commercial tools are considered it is very much possible to recover data from an OST file with guarantee of successful output.

OST Recovery ( http://www.exchangeostrecovery.org ) is a flawless solution to recovery orphaned as well as corrupted OST files. The application is supportive towards the restoration of contents from an encrypted and password protected offline data file without any limitations.

The program is built to support OST files generated by Outlook of any given version without the requirement of server environment.

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