New School Tattoo Style

Just about all New School tattoo styles are an evolution of traditional styles. The main difference is in the use of colours. New school tattoos are fundamentally more colourful and use a wider range of shades

New School tattoo style doesn’t fall into any specific category because it doesn’t follow traditions. There is nothing impossible for this style! Main characteristics: bold strong contours and bright colours, which mostly look like cartoon elements.

Also suitable for cover-ups. It’s a style that mixes lively colours with always solid and contoured lines. It contains elements from different tattooing traditions. It is like the OldSchool style in that it uses strong contours too. The differences are in the applying of a greater number of colours and methods, such as gradient and shading.

New School American traditional tattoos are not realistic because they emphasize details of the motif, and most often they are compared with styles of cartoons, graffiti art, comics and elements of HipHop such as frayed borders and bubble words.

Origin and features

New School established itself as a tattooing style in the early 70s and gained popularity in the 80s and 90s. You can still see old school influences in this style, but the differences are enormous. The “New school” primarily includes thick outlines and very lively, bright colours.

Another aspect of this style is the very exaggerated, silly or crazy representation of the chosen motif. It is, therefore, not surprising that New School motifs are often reminiscent of cartoons, graffiti or caricatures.

What distinguishes New School Tattoo style:

  • High-quality, comic-like motifs with imaginative figures and backgrounds
  • Bright colours and complete elaboration
  • Suitable for medium and large motifs with background

Images are colourful, big and full of crazy ideas. Often whole fantasy worlds are created with comic-like figures or animals in the center. Also, well-known characters from games, comics, series, and films are used as motifs and partly or completely reinvented. Many imaginative motifs are engraved with dynamic gradients.

Find the right New School tattoo idea

Finding the right motif for a tattoo is difficult for many. There is often a fear that in a few years you won’t find it beautiful.

  • To reduce this chance, it helps to choose a motif that has a personal meaning for you
  • This can be a beloved pet, a souvenir of an important memory or a representation of your favourite hobby
  • However, caution should be used with friendship and partnership tattoos. Even if it feels like this is the moment, there is no guarantee that this relationship will last forever in your life
  • Even themed websites and books can inspire the motif discovery
  • The right tattoo motif is inevitably dependent on your tattooist. Therefore, you should first contact an artist whose style you like
  • Go to a tattoo artist with your idea and get an advice. Some ideas would simply not work or need to be changed – listen to the advice because after all, he or she is an expert

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