Most Effective Tips to Promote a Law Firm

To be a lawyer can be a good thing but to market your practice can be hard. You must be looking for some ways provided you can market your practice more and in this thing you need an advice of a person who knows every bit of it. So we are going to tell you something about digital marketing tips that will help in your legal business:

Here are some tips for marketing your practice:

  • First you should join local chamber of commerce that is great for networking and credibility as well as get a unique business card provided you can give it to anybody. On the other hand if you have employees, make their own business cards with their name including title, e-mail address with the name of law firm.
  • You should offer to write an article for your local news paper including topic on which you like to focus. Remember that it includes name of your firm as well as your e-mail address if possible. You should also include a signature block to your outgoing e-mail that should have your name, firm name, city, and state and phone number too.
  • You can invite your local reporter to use you as a legal expert. You can do this by sending an email offering commentary on any court case. You can also join e-mail discussion lists at the local and state bar level. You can also teach at a community college as well as community center. It could be like one day course on your area of legal expertise.
  • Make everybody know about you that you are a lawyer of a specific field and what law you practice. You can also send holiday cards you meet and make this list growing day by day including you should send birthday and anniversary cards to colleagues and clients too. Google Ads lawyers is also a great advertising method for search engines because you can ensure that you are paying for a targeted prospect.
  • You should send personalized calendars each New Year to your clients and others. There are some websites that include your contact info on lower price. Ask your clients to refer about your legal services to others. Give them your cards provided they could give to others. You can also offer yourself to speak for community groups on topics like wills, fraud avoidance and on the topic you like.
  • You should register at your local bar association speakers’ bureau. If it doesn’t have then start one. You should be familiar with everyone including in your town and make yourself introduce if you meet any that you are a lawyer and always have your business card in your wallet.
  • You can also advertise about your firm in local newsletter and church ones. The advertising is cost effective and well known publications are always read by their target audience. You can also post your business card on the bulletin board in shops whether in barbershop, grocery store, beauty salon, community center or in others.
  • You should send a recent case or legal news clip to another professional by attaching your card and a note of interest as you like. You should be committed to send two in each week. Send a congratulatory note to other local businesspeople in the section or by personal.
  • You can also donate law directory and other law related books to your local library having your name bookplate and firm name. Spread your donation to local jail, school, and nursing home with your business card as well as participate in community affairs.
  • Give your business cards wherever you can whether at a local restaurant and at places where you regularly go. You should also have a lunch or dinner with other attorneys of other areas of work. You should also have each other’s cards of different law practices.
  • If you’re unsure whether to use earned or owned media for your marketing, this article on earned media vs owned media can help you decide.
  • When you have won case for a client or completed some other work, remind them that you can handle other matters as drafting wills, handling personal injury matters and reviewing contracts etc. and you like the opportunity to serve them including their friends and relatives.
  • Know your clients’ businesses, if you think you should visit, visit them showing interest show a kind of gratitude that their success is yours, also tell them the services your provide telling them all the necessary information about the firm provided they can be referral for your services.
  • You should send out press releases to small local newspapers and to those one which are interested. Remind clients of obligations whether of lease renewal dates, business name registration and others. Tell clients new ideas for their businesses whether ideas are acted or not. By doing this you show you are thinking about them.
  • Choose a day for yourself for writing down five marketing activities that you will complete in next week. This can be as elevator speech. Use it whenever ask about your practice. List some businesses you want to make client and make a plan to get their attention, also list 10 best clients and new ones and ask them why they come to you provided you could know which marketing plan shows effort for your business.
  • You should not participate in any activity to get business rather participate in one that you enjoy where you can express yourself completely. This will benefit for your business. One thing you should always have in your mind to network and network. It should be never ending process for you.
  • You should not apologize for the size of your firm in front of your clients. Speak about your strengths to clients rather than weakness. If in your firm there is more than one attorney then cross sell your services to other clients because sometimes clients are not aware of all the services provided.
  • You should look for free listings in directories whether printed or online, also write an e-mail newsletter about your practice area and try to send it to others.
  • Join the local trial lawyer association whether you have trial work or not. It is a good place to network provided you can get recognization, also give laminated “What to do after an accident” and others with your firm’s information as well as pens and chains with printed information of your firm on them.
  • Provide clients with vinyl and nylon briefcase when they first come to your office.

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