7 Ideas To Make Your First Anniversary Extra Special

Your first wedding anniversary is the most special day of your life that you never want to waste in doing usual daily activities. It is a day that you wish to spend with your partner in a more romantic way. After all, you both have spent twelve months of togetherness successfully.

Make Your First Anniversary

Now, it’s time to celebrate this day in the best possible way. Spending memorable moments with someone you love is such a blessing that makes you feel yourself luckiest person in the world. So, here some of the ideas have been shared with you so that you will never miss the golden opportunity to celebrate with the love of your life.

Plan A Surprise Party With Friends And Families

Throw a surprise party for your partner by inviting some close friends and family members. If you celebrate this special day with friends and family members, then your partner will really love it. Because it shows that you have established a strong bond with their loved ones. This will definitely make your partner fall in love with you madly. You can also get your kids involved and do some toronto family activities like going on top of the CN Tower or playing at Centreville Amusement Park.

Surprise Them With Thoughtful Gifts

Gifts will never go outdated, they do all the tricks to make your partner fall for you. Make them feel surprised with various gifts such as personalized photo frames, bouquet, anniversary cake, and so forth. So, be thoughtful and make your partner dive into the ocean of your true love.

Go For A Personal Photo Shoot

Go to those places which hold special meaning for both of you and take lots of clicks. It is a wonderful idea to create awesome memories of your first anniversary. So, surprise your partner with a secret plan of the post-wedding photo shoot and capture the expressions of your partner in the camera.

Relive Your First Date

Make your partner recall the sweet memories of your first date by recreating it. Go to that particular place where you had go for your first date, if possible and enjoy the special moments. To spice things up, consider trying True Pheromones.

Plan A Romantic Gateway

Do not let your friends and family members disturb you and keep your phone switched off. Spend the most romantic moments with your partner alone.

Be Together For The Whole Day

Just a thought of spending a whole day with someone you love without any disturbance, makes you feel flying in the sky. Right? Well, make your dream come true on your first wedding anniversary. Take a day off from work and spend quality time with your beloved. Book an escape room if you want to do a fun activity together, learn more on The Secret Chambers website. This will make both of you feel more romantic.

Be Creative With Some Old Memories

Make a wonderful CD which might contain all your old memories from your first meet till date. Also, add your favorite songs as background music. So, use your inner creativity and give the most beautiful gift to your partner on your first wedding anniversary and make them feel extra special.

So, these are some of the special and unique ideas which will help you to make your first anniversary more special.

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