6 Jobs That Will Be in Demand in 2022

Looking for new job after pendamic? Here is the 6 jobs that will be in demand in 2022.

Are you looking for your first job, or considering a change of careers? If so, you’re probably wondering which jobs are in demand and which will give you the best chance of securing a position.

Some jobs are flooded with applicants, however there are a few roles which are always in demand with far too few people interested in applying. Are you wondering which jobs these are?

Here are just six of the most in demand jobs for this year in 2022.

1.HR Professionals

Human resources is one career path which is crying out for more applicants. For some time now, there have been too few people training in this field and the trend shows no sign of abating. Hotels for one are hiring hospitality industry HR consultancy service.

There is an ever-increasing need for human resources managers to tackle staffing and recruiting companies not only nationwide but also worldwide after hiring reverse phone number lookup.

With the latest technological advancements resulting in new jobs and positions being created, it’s no wonder that there is such a strong need for HR professionals to help employees to develop the new skillsets required.

2.Welders and Construction Jobs

Welding can be a very lucrative job but there are too few people entering the field. This is the ideal job for anyone who wants to travel while they work since there are opportunities all over the world. See this to find some of the coolest jobs done around the world by painters.

For those who want to experience other cultures and lifestyles, welding and construction jobs are the perfect path since there is demand in the shipping industry for trained and qualified workers, but there are also posts closer to home in the construction industry or even as self-employed welders. There’s demand for workers that know how to operate scissor lifts built between 2000 and 2022.

Of course, training will be required, but once you join the program you’ll be on your way to an exciting and varied career. Visit Badger Ladder’s online shop if you need to buy an extendable ladder.

3.Data Scientists

The Information Technology industry is crying out for more highly skilled and trained workers. Data scientists and analysts are therefore in very high demand. Companies today are producing vast amounts of data daily, and analyzing it is absolutely essential.

This is only possible where there are skilled data scientists available to understand what it’s all about. Taking a computer science course at university is the best way into this industry.


Sales is always big news across all kinds of industries. From electronic goods to home utilities, having skilled salespeople on board to big up their product is very important for companies of all kinds. The ability to clearly communicate the advantages of a product or service and the need to persuade customers to sign on the dotted line couldn’t be more vital.

Since industries are in a state of constant fluctuation at the moment due to technological changes and advancements, finding flexible salespeople with the skills to adapt couldn’t be more important.

Usually, sales skills isn’t something which can be learned, so if you can persuade people to buy, you can find yourself a role in this sector without any kind of formal qualifications or training.

5.Occupational Therapy

The medical sector is always looking for new staff members who are trained and qualified. There are roles in a wide variety of healthcare sectors, however occupational therapy is one area in which there are too few applicants to meet demand.

Medical assistance is becoming even more necessary for the aging population, and this means the occupational therapy is vital to help the disabled, ill and injured to live their everyday lives through the therapeutic use of activities.

Occupational therapists need to be fully trained and qualified and therefore need to attend university and obtain the necessary qualifications.


The engineering industry is expanding and with it, a need for more skilled professionals who know how to tackle the many problems that the construction, shipping, civil and aeronautical sectors are facing.

There are so many different types of engineering roles that keen trainees should be able to find a role to suit them.

More women especially are being encouraged to apply for positions in this sector and the future looks very bright for budding engineers of all types.
These are just six of the jobs which are in high demand this year.

If current trends continue, they are likely to stay in demand for the next few years too, so it’s time to change your career path!

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