Jignesh Barsara Shares the Habits of a Successful CEO

It is noticed that CEOs have the highest standards of integrity, intelligence, and interpersonal skills.

Jignesh Barsara has studied how a successful CEO can position him/herself to upgrade their work and even their personal life! Scroll down below to know more.

1. They check emails on a daily basis.

In the fast-paced world, it is difficult to manage some easy-peasy habits with everyday chores. The successful CEO checks their emails on a daily basis and keep their mailbox clean from showering emails every hour. If you have an assistant then you have got an extra layer of a filter of where the relevant emails are diverted. This may look simple but it will make a huge difference in the long run!

2. Your company is your team.

Of course, your company needs to accomplish set goals. But the approach as a boss should be similar to a sports metaphor. Why? Because they are also human beings, they need guidance too! Treat them like a coach does to its team and start celebrating your employees with rewards and recognition. Appreciate what they bring to the table every now n then. Remember, a happier workspace will always be more productive when there is no silver lining involved.

3. Block yourself some time

A modern workspace Has a lot of distractions going here and there. Ideally, we would suggest that there should be some uninterrupted time to be blocked out from the entire day. We understand emergencies and it can be really difficult for a budding CEO to focus on the work and not to get disturbed at any given point of time. In such case scenarios, what you can really do is try delegating your tasks to your employees.

4. Mannerisms are the real deal!

Successful CEOs never mistreat their employees. Rather, he/she is the one who is always a humble individual and shows compassion to all the employees of the company. He/she is not confined within the realms of his or her company but also with the clients that they are dealing with. They make sure that they are calling their external party clients on all the important days of festivals to have a prosperous collaboration ahead.

5. Don’t forget to think about yourself.

Many CEOs in their budding years feel pressure to be successful. They often forget that they’re paving a way to unhealthy habits like consumption of alcohol or smoke. Remember, that self-care is a vital part and one can practice meditation to unwind themselves from the hectic schedule.

6. Have a trust factor with your team members

You need to be careful when you hire your employees. Delegating tasks is an important factor in determining your company’s success in the longer run. If both of you are not on the same page, you may have a difficult time meeting your goals. 

Jignesh Barsara presents an example of how executives can structure their days using good habits. These were a few positive changes that need a bit of attention. Little alterations like these can make up for an effective work-life balance.

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