Jawai: A place that redefines amazement with paws and talons

If you are someone who is interested in wildlife and want to feel the thrill by seeing the big cats from a closer distance, then you will be knowing about one such place in this article. Whenever we talk about wildlife in Jawai, the first few names that appear in our minds are Ranthambore, Sariska, Mukundara or Desert National Park. There is no doubt about the significance of these places in increasing ecotourism in the state, but there are some regions that are unexplored and overshadowed by bigger destinations.

Jawai Dam

Jawai is one such place that intrigues wildlife lovers, bird-watchers and thrill-seekers with a unique setting. It is one of the few places where you can see cave-dwelling leopards and give you a chance to see breathtaking landscapes while observing the wilderness closely. This is a region where igneous rocks have made their dominance for millions of years and now they provide habitat to spotted beasts that have the biggest attraction for the tourists coming here. Here, you do not just see these creatures, you get a chance to feel their presence because they are very close to you.

Besides the leopard, many other creatures have found habitat in Jawai. Several species of migratory birds, crocodiles, striped hyena, fox, wolf, sloth bear, nilgai, jungle cat and some rare species of reptiles and insects as well. All in all, this place becomes a favorable shelter for many animals and it provides them the maximum opportunities to thrive. Seeing these animals in open rather than in a dense forest is a much better experience and it gives you chances to take more breathtaking stills. Furthermore, there are other attractions such as hill temples carved out of granite rocks and some stunning vantage points.

What is so special about Jawai?

Jawai gives you a chance to observe the fauna from a close distance and it also makes them visible in a different environment altogether. In the caves, leopards get different environment and they also get better chances of survival here. That’s right, it becomes a better place for the spotted beast to survive because most of the forest reserves are focused on tigers and since they are bigger in size, they capture the area and drive the former to places where food is scarce. Here, the leopards are the apex predator and they get ample food as there are plenty of small animals and livestock that could be easily hunted by them.

Thus, Jawai becomes one of the few places that are dedicated for leopards, in the caves, they can protect themselves from inclement weather and since they are living in rocks, the water doesn’t get stalled and trees do not fall because of a storm. Their habitat is a range of immovable hills that keep the temperature also in control for them which means that they won’t feel very cold and heat because they can hide in the caves. Moreover, the facts about Jawai leopards will surely surprise you, they have been living here for the past few decades and there hasn’t been a single attack on human beings, not even when they are out escorting their cattle for grazing.

Birds, Crocodiles and other species

Bird watching is indeed a unique experience and when you are in a place where you can various species, then you are surely in for a treat. Jawai gives you a chance to see more than 100 species of migratory birds and capture them in your camera. With this particular feature, you can actually much closer to mother nature and see different shades of it. This land gives you a chance to see some exotic birds who come to this place for a specific time only. That’s correct, all these different species of birds could be seen between the month of October and March, that is the season where they migrate through this region.

Seeing crocodiles is another experience that you do not want to miss when you are in Jawai that’s because, in this place, you can see a whole lot of them hunting on birds and other animals who come here to quench their thirst. Most of us have seen the crocodile hunting on the TV but never in real in front of our eyes. In Jawai, you get to see this and it is a spectacle that causes goosebumps in your body, therefore, you must plan a visit to this region for this adventure with your own eyes. At this place, you get a much closer view of the reptiles and you can also take some stills when the crocs are in action. Take a look at these popular leopard gecko morphs if you’re interested in purchasing one in the future.

Hill temple and Tribal Safari

In Jawai, you also get a chance to visit hill temples that have been built in the honor of the local deities. The most special thing about these temples is that are frequently visited by the leopards and according to the locals, they are the guards of their deities. Even if you don’t believe them, seeing their occasional visit to the temples will surely make you less rational and more devotional. And in case you are not a religious person, visiting these temples is an adventure that you don’t want to miss. There are hundreds of steps going upwards in a steep manner and they give you the thrill that you get in the roller coasters.

The tribes that have inhabited this place are Rabari people, who are known for being nomadic, but some of them have found solace here and so they stayed. They rear cattle and engage in farming for their living here, their livestock is often hunted by the leopards but they regard it as a sacrifice for the guards of their goddess. They give you a kind of hospitality that you cannot get anywhere else, they treat you with home-made buttermilk and food cooked on earthenware hearth. By seeing their lifestyle, you understand the ideal of survival and get to learn many things. They show you to keep yourself closer to nature and embrace all its gifts to the fullest.

How to do the safari in Jawai?

Jawai Leopard Safari Camp gives you a chance to see this place with a thrilling safari ride and premium glamping tents. With us, you get to feel the very essence of this place and you can enjoy a luxury stay with scrumptious food and various other services as well. We make sure that all our guests could get a better picture of this place and also plan to come back soon. There is no way that you cannot get impressed with Jawai and we make this experience even better by providing you the best safari ride and best in class stay.

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