How to Tie Dye an Old White Shirt At Home

You are bored with your old white shirt and want to redesign your shirt, then read this article which help to make your old white shirt New.

This Simple Steps are help to redesign your old white shirt:-

Step 1:-

For making new design on your old white shirt then you can use a white pure cotton shirt. You have to use 100% cotton made white shirt and 50% polyester and 50% cotton made shirt.

Warning:- Never use 100% polyester made shirt.

Step 2:-

Now, You need dye kit which help to making new design on white shirt ( easily buy at craft store). They includes urea, rubber bands, rubber gloves, soda ash. On this dye kit, you will see dye mixing process and have to follow instructions.

They provide squeeze bottles and you can add warm(but not hot) water ( you can also use single packages of dye). On single package of dye, they also have instruction of mixing and also have soda ash and necessary urea.

For mixing dye powder yourself, you have to careful and wear a mask( which help to protect your lungs with powder).

Step 3:-

You can use instruction of mixing dye powder, after this you make new design on your old white shirt (according your choice). After completing design on shirt, you have to wait some hours for dry shirt.

After this, check shirt design is dye or not. If Shirt is dye then you can use this shirt for casual wear.

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