How To Look Your Best In The Prom Dress

Prom is the most important day of your high school life. It is the end of a four-year journey and it needs to be celebrated. The preparation starts a few weeks earlier, when you pick the right prom dress and make an appointment at the hairstylist.

Also choosing proper jewelry and getting your nails done is part of the process. Besides all of these, there are some things that you should do on the prom day to make sure that you look your best. Read on and find out more about the tricks that we want to share with you!

Select The Right Undergarments

Looking excellent in your prom dress means that you should select the right undergarments as well. Imagine wearing a dress, while everyone can see the bra straps. Or, the lace texture ruining your smooth and tight dress. This will ruin the elegant look in a second.

Special occasion dresses always require adequate undergarments. Make sure that you get seamless bra and panties. The bra design should correspond to the dress, so that it is not visible. For strapless dresses choose strapless bras, while for exposed back dresses choose a stick on bra. The colors should not be outstanding. For example, a red prom dress can be worn with matching red or even skin tone undergarments.

Add Glow

If you are wearing a V-neck or strapless light purple homecoming dress, do not forget to add a bit of glow on the collarbones. Swipe a bit of highlighter on the collarbone and shoulders for the best look. This will add a wonderful dose of radiance to your cleavage. The dress will now look spectacular.

Lasting Perfume

When applying, be careful not to stain your dress. Some perfumes can leave stain when sprayed directly on the fabric. That’s why pros would recommend spraying from 20cm distance.  Make sure that you apply it directly on the skin.

If you want your favorite perfume to last all night long, then this little trick will come handy. Apply a bit of lotion on the skin. This will be the perfect base for the perfume. This is the reason why some brands sell lotions and perfume with the same scent. Also, make sure that you don’t rub your wrists. If you do it, your sweet scent will not last long.

Remove Excess Shine

Shiny and oily skin can ruin your prom photos. But on the other hand, it can be transferred to the dress if you touch your face. Heading to the bathroom for a quick touch up is always a nice idea. But, you should avoid applying powder on top of your makeup. The result might not be so satisfying, as it will look cakey. Instead, use blotting paper to absorb excess oil and sweat. This way, you will save your dress from coming in touch with them.

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