How to Get Business Tenders

In today’s date, taking government tenders have become a considerable business. If all the steps are followed perfectly for getting the tender, then it can also support  and flourish the local businesses to a lot of extent. Every year, around 500+ departments issues the requests, so the tender process is always busy and also very complicated.

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Well, this tender sector is also many times misinterpreted, with the foul play.

Here are the tips to get the government tenders:

  1. Supplier databases is must for getting the tender:

Almost all the government databases have the system of supplier database. First decision making is important, to know about the sectors which are most appropriate and register to do business with that particular department.

When the registration process is being carried out, you will need to submit the original, recent and the valid tax clearance certificate and also a BEE certificate.

You will be also said to submit the copies of your company registration for proving the existence of your company.

There are around 500+ government institutions. If you desire to do business with all of them, in simple terms, you will have to repeat the process of registration to 500+ times.

So, to make this hassle-free, Government has initiated a supplier registration portal where you can get everything under the sun, by which much of the arduous work will be reduced of registering in the ,ultiple government institutions.

  1. Keep updated about what is there:

 Governement institutions are indulged in issuing more than 200 tenders and requests for the quotation per day. To remain at the level in your sector, you need to subscribe to the service which will keep you updated about email notifications for all those tenders in the particular sector that will take your business to the next level.


  1. You must keep up-to-date about closing date and time of the tender and make response accordingly:

This business of the government tender is just like the number game. You must respond to the tenders quite often, and your prpobability increases, then your chances of obtaining the tender will increase.

Whenever you come across any such announcement that there is a tender in this specific department (pertinent to your business and secure in the knowledge you have the capacity to perform), then after knowing about the tender, you must start researching that when and where you will find the tender documents.

Then you must identify the complete process of responding. How shall it be submitted at the tender box? Either through electronic submission or hard copy is to be delivered? Most of the tenders require hard copy to be delivered at the tender box, but before the stated closure of date and time.

  1. You must go through the terms and conditions properly and emphasize on what is required for you to tender:

It will mentioned on the tender notification, if there is tender briefing and if it is mandatory or not.

The correct path to follow is to attend the tender briefing because you will get to know about what is required of the successful bidder and later on it will be hassle-free for you to make decision on whether to apply for the tender in the first place, and what you need to emphasize in the application to expand your probability of success.

  1. You must read the document from soup-to-nuts, complete the tender documents, affix all the required documents, a BEE certificate and also the valid tax clearance:

Government officials get numerous tenders, so they hunt for the reasons to minimize the number of documents they take to the adjudication committee. If all the required details are not filled in the tender documents, or if the required documents are not affixed, like BEE certificate or valid tax clearance, then your application will be disqualified on the spot.

  1. You must submit the tender on time:

If you will not submit the tender before closing date, then it will be disqualified. If you send the tender after the closing date, Government officials will not take pains to open it, so they will not be ready to know all the detailed information you have mentioned in the tender and the time you taken for assembling it.

  1. Tenderer must differentiate from the price and competition:

While evaluating the tender, Government officials opt for the tenderer which differentiates itself from the competition and the price. When all the formalities are completed, price will be considered. Well, apart from price, there are various other factors whic hmust be emphasized on, to increase the probability of your success. This is something which is inventive. You can also submit the picture gallery of your work portfolio or the testimonials from the satisfied and happy customers. You must prove that you stand out, if submitting the tender in concerned.

  1. You must confirm about your tender details, that the documents have been received:

Many times, some incidents takes place where the tender boxes have been interfered with. There is one suggestion to call and safeguard that the person for whom that particular tender was proposed, has received that tender or not. You must follow this with an email, to be on the safer zone.

  1. You must keep a copy of the tender documents which you have submitted with all the documents affixed:

This will be best practice to follow and is compulsory too for your own records and the knowledge base for the future tenders. It is also pre-eminent back-up, if in case any of your documents are misplaced.

  1. You must keep updated about, when the adjudication committee will sit for considering your tender:

Frequently it happens that the tender was submitted with all the authentic accompanying documents, like tax clearance and BEE certificate, but at the time when the adjudication committee is sitting, the documents have failed. You must make certain that the recent genuine documents are provided to the parties concerned at the moment while sitting of the adjudication panel.


So, if you desire to get business tender in Dubai, the above listed points must be followed.

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