How to Build a Night Skincare Routine to Have a Clear Face?

The day when you have soft and gleaming skin is like the Lord serving you in inexplicable ways. “The skin is one of the body’s organs,” says Ronni Weinkauf, Vice President of Applied Research at L’Oréal USA and it is indeed the largest organ of the body. Well, with that been said, it needs more thought than any other organ. The perfect beautiful skin is something every girl wants to get her hands on. The skin needs to acknowledge that you care. The body is our temple and you have a responsibility to treat it right.

A market survey conducted by NCBI in 2022 perceived that regular facial cleansing, lifestyle, diet, and compliance with a daily skin regimen reshaped the skin’s appearance more than getting a dermatologist’s prescription or professional skincare treatments.

Start to the Finish

It is imperative to understand that a clear face is not only about genetics but is also about your skincare rituals, the products that you use, your consistency in terms of following the routine, etc. The thing that stands between you and a clear face is nothing but care. We focus on having a skincare routine for the day to protect our skin. However, is that enough? Not really.

Studies have revealed that your skin cells regenerate while you sleep and that is when the repairing process to overhaul the traitors in the midst. Your skin is active in the night to absorb as many nutrients as possible. Therefore, your PM routine also determines how clear your face can be.

It is always baffling to identify where and how to start after reading about a million things. Some fundamental steps should be part of any skincare routine that you follow. A skincare routine to have a clear face must have the use of the right beauty products that means the products have to be ideal for your skin type and must be non-toxic that sings the same song as your skin does and treats your skin gently.

Less is always more. Here, is a 5-step night skincare routine that can give you a clear face with gorgeous-looking skin:

The Three C’s – Clear, Cleanse, and Contemplate

The three C’s are how to begin your night skincare regimen to achieve impeccable and healthy skin. Start by rinsing your face with water and rub a small amount of cleanser between your palms. Massage your face with it and then rinse the excess product off from your face with water. Always use a soft towel to pat your face dry. One should avoid using sulphate-based foaming face washes as they create lather with a high pH, which might dry the skin a bit too much.

Cleansing is a crucial part of your skincare regimen because it not only clears the dirt, dead skin cells, etc. but also digs out the remaining sebum from your skin and rubs your skin in the right way. There are many products on the market. However, you would want to use a cleanser that is quite light and lets your skin breathe naturally. As mentioned earlier about using non-toxic beauty products, try to pick clean beauty brands like Clinique, Minimalist, Biotique, Boscia, etc. Also, contemplate your skin since the very first day to know what your skin feels like when you use the products.

The Truth About Toning

Celebrity aesthetician Renee Rouleau says, “You have a 60-second window to seal in moisture with a toner.” Toning your skin is a very significant aspect of your night skincare regimen. Toner is said to pull everything together and helps the other products while balancing the complexion of your skin. You need to spray the toner gently on your skin. Studies show that 60% of women are adding a toning step after cleansing. It hydrates your skin and revives the sad areas of your face.

 A clear face approaches you when every area of your face glows. It is your skin, not a marathon. It has to be one-step at a time. Using a toner with exfoliating acids at night can replenish your skin while you snooze. You can apply a few drops with clean hands or with a cotton pad.

Serums work like magic!

Serums work with the skin and resolve a spectrum of issues from dark spots to wrinkles. At night, you should use a moisturizing serum as the hyaluronic acid limits your skin from drying out. Water-based serums must work underneath the moisturizer; oil-based serums work after the moisturizer.

A serum stimulates your skin to build collagen and enhances brightness. The serums that use a combination of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Ferulic acid are the best. Dr. Abigail Waldman, a professional at Harvard Medical School says, “they are highly concentrated formulations that are designed to sink into the skin quickly, delivering an intensive dose of ingredients that can address common skin complaints.” Some serums are quite active. So, always conduct a patch test before use. If it suits you, then wrap your entire face with a small amount of it.

Moisturizing makes it better

 Moisturizers hydrate the skin and serve as a barrier to seal all the goodness of the nutrients provided by other products. When you pick a moisturizer, you should look for ingredients that impersonate the natural lipids like carrot oil, cranberry oil, sweet almond oil that repair your skin the most natural way.

Moisturizers differ based on your skin type. Someone with dry skin should use a thicker cream at night that moistens the skin throughout the night. It also prevents acne and lets your skin know that you care. You must never skip this important step as lack of it dehydrates your skin and leads to overproduction of oils.

Oil is not just a three-letter word

Oils are necessary for unlocking the pores of the skin. Botanical facial oils infused with plant extract work really well. On the contrary, fragrance-based or essential oils might irritate. You should apply the oil at last, as no other product will be able to penetrate it.

Certain oils can also decrease excess oil in acne-prone skin. When you apply face oil, you seal all the products together that restrain them from evaporating.

Know What to Look For

There are no rights or wrongs when it comes to taking care of your skin. Anything that works for your skin and is harmless is what your skin needs. Recollect that what you put on your skin seeps into your body. If you are consistent with your skincare regimen, your clear face will do all the talking and will magnify your grace.

Your skin can always tell you what it needs by showing how it feels from time to time. Wrinkles, acne, etc. are some of the ways to express when your skin feels upset. Skin care routines only work when you work on your skin sincerely and consistently. There are many things written about skincare routines and treatments. However, in the end, you need to choose what you want to pick. 

“Beauty is not what the mirror shows you. It is what you look for in yourself that makes all the difference in the world.”

Author’s Bio – Resham Tulsiani is a writer, musician, poet, and beauty enthusiast. She is currently working on a novel. She believes that writing is the art of the heart and is always about making people feel good about them. She loves reading and making music.

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