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Arlo camera is perfectly designed to monitor both indoor and outdoor activity to ensure you the next level security of your premises. With its advanced features and enhanced technology, it helps you to keep a tab on everything that is importnt in your life. Loaded with extraordinary features such as wireless, motion detection, weatherproof, night vision, local storage, HD video, instant alert or notification, it offers you an ultimate security system packed with plenty of smart features. Moreover, by providing 24/7 Arlo Customer Service, the company has carved its name as the best customer service provider.

In this article, we have specified every Arlo camera model detail which will help you pick the best amongst all. Further, we have added a list of common issues that may occur when you set up or use your Arlo camera.

What are the features of Arlo Security Camera?

Below, we have given you a list of all the features that will be common in every Arlo camera. Listed features help you to monitor your premises in most efficient way.

Wire-free home video monitoring: – No hassle of wires and cords as Arlo security cameras are wireless and you can place it anywhere you want.

Accessories:- Along with camera, you get various accessories including  Ethernet wire, window Decal, wall mounts, outdoor mount, and most important rechargeable batteries.

7 days of free cloud HD video recording: – No need to pay money for next 7 days when you set up your Arlo camera. It gives you free monitoring and video recording for 7 days.

Alexa for voice control:- Run it on your voice command. It supports Alexa and other voice control devices.

Night vision: – Watch live feeds in HD even in the darkest of light. Arlo cameras have night vision feature which lets you watch clear footages captured by your Arlo camera.

Instant Alert: – gives alert for movement activity through the email and app notification this only alerts when the motion detected with 7 days free rolling cloud storage

2-way audio:- With this feature, you can directly talk to the person standing in front of your camera.

HD video:- Arlo records footage in HD quality and hence you see everything in high-definition.

The wide-angle lens:-  The wide-angle lens enables your camera to record footages from

Weatherproof:- No matter if it is heavily raining or sunny day, the weather condition will not affect your camera.

Siren:- Your camera alerts you when detecting any suspicious activity. There is a siren in every Arlo camera which rings when detect any suspicious activity.

Geofencing: – Geofencing feature adds an extra layer of security as it helps to discover when something or someone enters or exits a pre-defined zone.

Having a free app:-  You get a free app called Arlo app. This app helps you monitor your camera and manage its setting.

Local backup storage:- With local backup storage, your videos get saved on the cloud and you can watch them through Arlo app. 

What makes Arlo an Exceptional choice?

Easy installation:- Installing an Arlo camera does not consume much time. It is not complicated to understand its setup procedure. It will hardly take 15 minutes and your camera will be ready to protect you.

Arlo app:- Arlo app makes things easy as it lets you access everything from the tip of your fingers. It gives you access to avail several smart features which enhance your experience.

Cost saving and convenient:– It gives you 7 days cloud storage, and help customers with best guidelines. Whenever you need them, they are available for you.

Arlo Camera Models

You get Arlo Support for all the models Arlo offers. To know more about it, connect with the team now.

Arlo:– Packed with advanced features, Arlo camera is highly robust in performance. It is compatible with Alexa, IFTTT and other devices to ensure you a good experience.

Arlo Pro:– Arlo pro is an improvement over Arlo camera. It has more advanced features such as PIR lenses to cover a wider area. You can buy this camera from your nearby store or check it online.

Arlo Pro 2:- With Arlo pro 2, you get videos in 1080 p quality. It has three way look back feature which let camera capture footage 3 seconds before the camera was triggered.

Arlo Go:- Highly portable, Arlo Go is best for indoor use. Comes with Go LTE wireless service technology, you can easily connect with your Arlo camera from anywhere.

Arlo Q:- Loaded with a lot of features, this camera works on plus and play concept. Just like the other entire Arlo camera, it also works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT and a few others.

Arlo Q plus:- It has some extra features which make it different from others.

Arlo Baby:- Specially designed for babies, Arlo baby comes with a bundle of features including motion detection, two-way communication, night vision. You can also use it as a music player for playing lullabies when the baby cries.

If you want detailed information about any of these Arlo camera model, then you must get in touch with the Netgear Arlo Support team. They have a team of experts which is proficient in providing on-spot assistance all across the globe today. 

How to install Arlo Security camera?

When you bring Arlo camera, you get an installation guide through which you can easily set up it. Though, users face difficulty to follow and apply steps given in it. Hence, we have given step by step guide through which you can easily set up it.

  1. Get your Arlo camera and hold the latch to open the battery compartment.
  2. Open the battery compartment and insert the battery in it.
  3. Next, bring Arlo security camera near the base station and sync it.
  4. Blue LED on the base station is a sign of successful synchronization.
    1. Note:- If it shows amber then you need to repeat the process again.
  5.  Once done, check the camera LED and ensure if the LED on it blink solid green or not.
  6. After this, download Arlo app and set up your Arlo camera in the most efficient way.

To know more about it, contact the service team which is 24/7 available for your help. For further information, you can contact the Arlo customer support team.

What are the common issues with Netgear Arlo Camera?

Technical errors can occur even with the best in class product. Such errors compel you to contact the team of experts which can give you instant assistance and resolve the issue. Below, we have listed some Arlo camera issues which can occur while setting up or using it.

  1. Unable to set up Arlo camera
  2. Can’t install Arlo camera
  3. Error with mode activation in Arlo security camera
  4. Issue with battery life in the Arlo camera
  5. Error with motion sensitivity and position
  6. Error while configuring Arlo camera
  7. Amazon devices not connecting with Arlo camera
  8. Arlo camera firmware update issue
  9. Unable to log in to Arlo camera
  10. How to recover Arlo camera password

Resolve all these issues with the help of an expert. All you need is to contact Arlo Customer Support team and you will get an instant resolution of your issue. To know more about it, contact experts and resolve both technical and non-technical issues.

How does Arlo Customer Support team help you?

No matter if you have a single issue or multiple, the team of Arlo Customer Service is always ready to serve you with their helpful services. Below, we have listed some of their characteristics that will conceive you to understand people trust them.

  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Top-class call routing to offer 0 minutes expected call wait time
  • State-of-the-art IT architecture
  • Arlo camera installation and setup
  • 98% first call assured resolution
  • Connecting your camera with wifi
  • Committed followup with all our customers
  • Improve your video quality
  • Assured troubleshooting and resolution on any device
  • 100+ certified technicians onboard
  • Managing cloud service management
  • Rigorous quality testing for independent quality analysts

To know more about it, you can contact them and get your issues fixed.

How do you contact Arlo Customer Service team?

The moment when you face issue,  you can contact the experts. Expert knows what it takes to fix issues in a short span of time. Arlo has such experts who not only find the root cause of the issue but give the best solution to fix it for permanent. Find how you can contact the Arlo support team.

Toll-free number:- You can contact them through a toll-free number. It is 24/7 available and experts are always ready to assist you with their reliable services. 

Live-chat:- In case you don’t want to contact through phone number, make use of live-chat option and get help remotely.

Email:- Email option is available if you want to convey a message. You can expect a quick response due to their 24/7 availability.

Choose any of the preferred methods and resolve your query within a short span of time.

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