His Girlfriend Took Blame for the Car Crash, Lance Armstrong Charged

Lance Armstrong had been an inspiration but he is not now. Recently the disgraced professional cyclist got charged in crashing. He bumped into two parked cars in the Colorado ski resort town of Aspen. He was with his girlfriend and telling authorities that her girlfriend was driving the car as according to police report. It is being said that Armstrong left the scene of the accident as told by authorities. But it is good that no one got injured in the accident.

Lance Armstrong got banned for life from racing in 2012 by the US Anti-Doping Agency when he admitted that he used performance enhancing drugs. As reported by Aspen police, 43 year old Armstrong including his girlfriend, Anna Hansen were driving home from a fundraising event for the benefit of a local art museum when a GMC Yukon collided to Armstrong and crashed into two parked cars.

After this an Aspen resident called 911 for the accident and said that two vehicles rented by his relatives were also damaged. It was reported that the man saw Hansen who ran up from a corner and apologized for the vehicles that were hit; she said she would pay for the damage and for this she left her contact information. After all this, police arrived for the information at Armstrong and Hansen shared home where they noticed the Yukon had the significant damage.

Police questioned Hansen, 33 and she said she was driving because Armstrong had a little bit to drink and in this she lost the control of the vehicle on the icy road as according to the police. The officer suspected something in her story and they confirmed with the valet at the hotel where the event took place, he said that Armstrong was driving when the couple was seen to left the parking lot. Because of suspicious information provided by Hansen, police confronted her and noticed discrepancy. At the end she admitted her guilt and said that Lance had been driving and the words said by Hansen in favor of Lance, was a joint decision to avoid publicity as according to the report.

Hansen did not get charged for filing a false report because authorities encourage witnesses to be truthful as said on phone by Pitkin county prosecutor Andrea Bryan. Armstrong is still in the middle of legal proceedings in the court as on 17 March according to the court record.

Source : http://www.theguardian.com/sport/2015/feb/03/lance-armstrong-let-partner-take-blame-for-car-accident

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