Healthy Lollipops for Your Teeth

However hard you stop children from not eating lollipop or jelly but they do not stop because for them eating sweet is good thing and they want to eat them every time rather than understanding your worry for their teeth health. But what about a candy or lollipop that is created from healthy ingredients and eating them is not harmful for your teeth. Yes, such kind of candy exists and they are created by young entrepreneur Alina Morse. They are called Zollipops. It is the invention of 9 year old entrepreneur that created these delicious sweet. Here is an excerpt from her talk.

What is your inspiration behind Zollipops?
She found this opportunity to make a difference in people’s life and society by making things easier for guardians especially for moms. And it all began with a very simple childhood experience. “One day I went to a bank with my father and the teller asked me whether she wants a sucker but my dad always told me that sweets are not good for your teeth. While going home I thought of an idea for making a healthy sucker that should be good for teeth.

How you created the first zollipop?
For creating the zollipo, she said we did a lot of research of clean teeth ingredients including going to stores as well as asking dentists, who may offer services like Dental Restoration, and hygienists, also checked on online too about it. After researching all we made the list of all ingredients and tried to create the perfect plan to make Zollipops. There were so many trials for getting one what we wanted and today we have the perfect one.

When did you come at the final stage when you realized that you have a great product?
After creating the perfect one as we realized we have, I gave it to my sister Lola, who is picky about the things she eats. She ate it and said it is good and named it Zollipop. I liked the name for my product. After this I shared the product with my friends and they also love. So after many tests we got our final product.

How did you convert it into a business?
I consulted with my dad about this product making it top priority. We designed the packaging and showed them to retailer and they also liked.

What helped you to get the initial meeting with the Whole Food buyers to place Zollipops in stores?
I submitted my presentation to Whole Food Markets buyers both regionally and nationally with samples and the product got approved by the Whole Foods Body quality.

How are you now balancing time between school and business at this age, only 9 years old?
I manage time splitting it, one third for homework including one third for business updates and project. With one third of time I played with my sister and organizing other works.

What advice you want to give to young entrepreneurs who want to be like you?
She said you can be whatever you want to be rather than what others tell you. You should follow your dreams putting your mind into it. When you do like this, you can accomplish anything. You only have to believe in yourself.

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