Food Quiz Game for People Who Love Food

Are you tired of sitting home idol watching TV? If your local area does not offer much in the form of regular entertainment, have you ever considered of playing a trivia quiz game. Food quiz or a gk quiz online is the best way to enjoy with your friends on a day. These quizzes offer something for all ages, they are stimulating and interactive, and offer you interesting topics to talk about when gathering with your friends.

Quiz Games

Quizistan is a new trivia game which offers you a chance to arrange a trivia quiz at your residence. You can sit with your family and friends and then form different teams and compete for fun.

People often have a misconception that live quiz games require brain storming but with Quizistan you need not bother about racking your brain and flicking through books looking for answers. You can simply play quiz for some fun and can also win some cash prize.

Test yourself to find out how much do you really know about food. There are questions related to a whole new range of food related topics, which can be used to learn how much you know about your food.

To play Quizistan food trivia quiz, you just need to register from the Google Play Store for android users and App Store for iOS users. Enter the app and join the game before the quiz starts and you won’t be holding up the trivia host from starting the quiz as he explains the rules to you. You will earn a prize for yourself only if you are able to answer the maximum number of questions in minimum time.

Trust your instincts while answering a question. Think carefully before you commit to an answer that seems too easy. Although, in Quizistan you also need to take care of the time as its always running and you get only 10 seconds to answer a question. If you get an answer correct then you get some points.

Food quiz has 8 questions just like the other topics in Quizistan and you get 10 seconds to answer each of them. In case, you don’t know an answer just answer hearing to your instincts as leaving a question without answering is not wise. You won’t be eliminated from the game in any case whether you answer a question right or wrong. Therefore, even if you answer a question wrong you are still in the game and there is always a chance of winning some cash.

If you think your knowledge of a topic is not good, no problem as we have 50-50 lifeline for you. You can earn a 50-50 lifeline by referring Quizistan to more and more people in your contact. Every time you use a 50-50 lifeline two wrong answers will be removed and you will have to pick your answer from the remaining two options.

Those who don’t want to waste more time watching TV, download the Quizistan app from Google Play Store for Android users and iOS users for App Store.

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