Fastest Electric Scooters For Commuting in 2022

When looking to buy an electric scooter, speed, besides style & convenience, is one of the most important things people will consider. The speed of an electric scooter depends on its motor power.

Traditionally, kick scooters were meant for fun and casual local commuting, not for speeding. However, the inclusion of electric motors to these personal commuters has enabled them to offer unmatched power like never before. Today, there are electric scooters that can achieve a top speed of up to 80 km/h in the best conditions. That’s quite amazing, right?

Speed can be a major factor when buying an electric scooter, especially for adults. If you are also looking to buy an e-scooter that’s fast enough to satisfy your urge for a thrill or adventurous ride, you can benefit from this article. Here is the list of some of the top-performing and fastest electric scooters you can buy in 2022.

Currus Panther

The Currus Panther is one of the fastest and definitely the most stylish electric kick scooters you can buy this year. The scooter has been developed by the Currus Motors, Korea-based technology company known for its innovative, high-end electric mobility solutions.

The Panther e-scooter comes with super-powerful 5400W Max Dual Motor, capable of offering a maximum speed of up to 50 mph (80 km/h) in preferred conditions. Yes, you heard it right! It’s possible to ride your kick scooter at this much speed, given that you follow all the safety precautions and wear a helmet.

As you can probably imagine, the speed range of the Curruf NF is the best in the industry and only challenged by a couple of other scooters, including the likes of the Dualtron Thunder electric scooter, which offers around the same top speed.

Also, the Currus scooter integrates a large 60V 35Ah H35E Li-ion battery pack with a seriously good mileage of 75 miles (120 km) per charge. That means you can keep riding it without needing to re-charge for at least a few hours.

Well, speed and performance aren’t the only good things about the Currus Panther scooter. It has some of the best-in-class and bike-grade features, including ABS with hydraulic brakes to keep you safe, multi-EYE LCD (smart throttle) for convenient ride control, 150-mm built-in suspension to ensure bump-free rides, wide off-road tires that work on all terrains, 120 km max load capacity, foldable and super-stylish design, high-luminosity front LED headlight with angle adjustment, sidelights for extra brightness on darker roads, red taillight for brakes, among others.

Currus NF/NF+ Electric Scooter

The Currus NF & NF+ are the latest, performance-centric electric scooters by the Korean brand. Both are similar in features and design, except for a few minor upgrades in the Currus NF+ (2022 variant).

The Currus NF+ electric scooter has been combined with a 3600W BLDC dual hub motor that can offer a top speed of up to 40 Mph (65 km/h) in ideal conditions. This makes it one of the fastest moving electric scooters in the mid-range segment. The 60V 28Ah Samsung SDI Lithium Ion battery pack of the Currus NF/NF+ is capable of offering a decent range of up to 74miles (120km) on a single charge.

The NF scooter integrates many of the category-best features for its price, including 47% Gradability, 37kg lightweight, foldable design, 10 x 3.0 road tires, Front/Rear wheel hydraulic disc brakes with suspension, Multi-EYE LCD dashboard, aluminum body, etc.

Currus NF/NF+ Electric Scooter

Hope this list of the top & fastest electric scooters for 2022 helps you make the right choice for the best electric scooters to buy. Visit to explore the latest range of electric scooters and unicycles.

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