Family Tree Maker 2022 Review

Family Tree Maker has seen immense changes over the past years now and has recently celebrated its 30th-anniversary new version. The new edition was released on September 29th, 2019. The family tree Maker has gone through a lot of improvements since it has been first launched.

The software came across some disappointments and everyone thought that the release MacKiev had made was a major loss. But this was not true at all as it is proved after FTM 2022 released with its most unique features which came along with a big 30th-anniversary celebration.

Features Include in TreeVault Cloud services:

The Surprising Cost;

The cost that will have to be paid is $79.95 in a year otherwise the first year is involved with the purchase of your FTM order.

The restore service at emergency tree;

The best thing that came up is the ‘TreeVault’ it an online backup tool by MacKiev again was the headline news.

Your tree with it Ancestry and the FamilySearch can all be synced but the TreeVault is much more advanced for your FTM data.

The free mobile app for your FTM Connect

You can use your tree on your mobile device through the FTM Connect app that is totally free, on the mobile phones that have the display of the FTM tree. It can be used anytime and anywhere, you can even use it when you have turned the computer off. This enables you to share your tree with your friends and relatives too.

The weather report, Historical Weather the topmost search engine;

This helps to add multiple colors to your family stories with all the historical weather records available.

Then is ‘Next of Kin’ which you can’t forget;

This will help you in adding a successor to your TreeVault account and then you can take a walk through each of your family tree. You will also receive a certificate that can also come along with a will, which has all the details about your passcodes of how you should handle your TreeVault account together with your FTM license.

The new Tree Browser tool FTM 2019:

  • It has the richest Color Coding which has enhanced more to the color-coding feature of the FTM 2017. This will help you in adding more colors to the ancestors.
  • The Tree Browser; enables you to view all of your FTM trees.
  • Now the Profile Picture Cropping tool helps to choose the picture, zoom in and then crop as you would like.
  • Then there are the folder counters; here you will find the items on a person’s notes, media, etc.
  • The smart filters which have been enhanced from FTM 2022 filtered list feature.
  • You now have the Hints in the Index, which will help you to search if there are any Ancestry or FamilySearch hints for each person available.
  • There are the FamilySearch Integration 2.0 that helps to improve it and then the last is the Roll Back Changes features it helps you to roll back multiple changes all at the same time.

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