Canada Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Point Calculator Tool 2022

In this post I’m going to review the Canada Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Point Calculator Tool for 2022.

Immigration to Canada is done on a point-based evaluation system in which the points are calculated with the help of the Comprehensive Ranking system (CRS).  It is a tool which ranks the candidates as per their abilities by calculating their score on the basis of age, language competency, work experience, and education.

What Canada CRS Point Calculator Tool?

The candidates who are ranked as per these score from the Express Entry pool are supposed to meet the benchmark requirement for PR status of Canada based which is announced through the Express entry Draws.

The recent Express Entry Draw score announced on 20th February of this year was 457 which means all the candidates who secured 457 CRS points or above are eligible to apply for the PR status.

Canada Express Entry points calculator a very important tool for points calculation in the Express Entry Program selection. This pathway was started in 2022 and is the fastest way to immigrate to Canada.

The candidates can apply in any of the subcategories to be selected under the Express Entry selection system –

  • Federal Skilled Workers program (FSWP)
  • Federal Skilled Traders Program (FSTP)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

The factors for the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Points calculation

The total score is calculated out of 1200 and the applicant who secures the yardstick marks are considered free to apply for the PR Status.

Some of the factors on which the points are calculated are –

  • Human Core Capital (the basic areas considered in this are – Age, language efficiency, work experience, education)
  • Spouse or Common Law-partner (For married couples, the primary candidate can take advantage of the spouse’s education, work experience, and language proficiency)
  • Skill Transferability factors
  • Bonus Points (Canadian education / Provincial Nomination etc.)

Points calculation table –

Factor Maximum points
Human Core Capital 500
Skill Transferability 100
Provincial Nomination 600
Arranged Employment 200
Canadian Study experience 30

There is a piece of good news for the aspiring candidates as because of the Canada Multi-Year Immigration Plan of 2022, there is a series of low CRS score expected in the coming years as there is a high target of new permanent residency(PR) status citizen that needs to be met by the Canadian Government. Hence, it is an excellent time to Immigrate.

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