Crazy Facts About The Law

Laws are about protecting people of a country, state or city; these are about protecting their rights what they have according to particular laws. Every country has their different laws and every citizen of a particular country has to abide by them. Here we are going to tell you about some strange laws, have a glance on them.

  • Two men, without caring about the traffic laws, drove from New York to Los Angeles in only 31 hours.
  • Copyright is a tool for creative people but sometime they are nothing. Under the original laws of copyright, Star Wars would have been permitted to be remade in 2005.
  • If you are walking on a road in US, suddenly a thief comes and snatches your purse or bag then don’t call or shout police or police. Because in 2005 Supreme Court declared a decision that it is not the duty of any police force in the US to protect citizens, while they stand only to enforce laws!
  • Don’t go and drive in flood. Arizona has a different law called the ‘Stupid Motorist law’ that charges the motorists for their rescue in a barricaded flooded roadway.
  • If you say ‘Sorry’ in Canada to someone and you think you are forgiven then it is not. Several parts of Canada introduced a law which says that “Sorry” is not a legal admission of guilt because it is said so often.
  • If you are a literate prisoner of a war and has killed many and given severe punishment, you don’t have to worry; according to Islamic law you can save yourself or secure freedom by teaching ten Muslims to read and write.
  • If you in Thailand see a cop wearing a pink hello-kitty armband then don’t think it is their dress code. If a cop breaks any law or rules of duty then they have to wear a hello-kitty armband.
  • America is one of the only two countries in the world that does not allow legal paid maternity leave.
  • Whether It has been changed or not but until 1933, in North Carolina, a husband could legally rape his wife under the spousal exemption from rape laws and even 33 states still regard it as a lesser crime.
  • If you are a gay and want to donate your blood then you cannot because gay people cannot donate blood because of a law that enacted during the hiv scare in the 80’s.
  • Now in discos, no noise, no shout because of noise ordinance laws in Europe, club owners have to create silent discos where club goers have to listen music through headphones.
  • Light, light we have the light. In England you can invoke the ancient lights law, which forbids neighbor from the construction of anything that deprives your property of illumination.
  • You can become a legal US resident of US in the condition where you are an illegal immigrants and victims of serious crimes in the US, then go forward and help authorities solve the major crimes.
  • You can be a professional prostitute. A school in Spain offers professional courses in prostitution as well as position, laws, history for this trade.
  • In Pakistan, under the Pakistani law, the people there cannot sell their products to Muslims and even cannot export them outside of Pakistan.
  • Labor laws got changed in the UK around 2000 to film the movie ‘Harry Potter” and the “Sorcerers Stone”.

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