8 Best Pizza Places in NYC to Grab a Slice!

If you’re an ardent pizza lover, the best pizza places in NYC will be akin to paradise for you! The best pizza in New York City can be found all across its five boroughs. This remarkable city loves pizza so much that it has invested a lot of love into making and offering a wide variety of them.

From cheese and vegan to meat and deep-dish pizzas, there is a myriad variety of pizzas to be enjoyed at the best pizza places in NYC. No matter which part of NYC you’re in, you will find popular pizzerias to sate your pizza cravings. Find the best pizza in NYC midtown and every other corner of the city.

pizza places in nyc

So when you happen to be in New York, do check out the best pizza places in NYC. We’ve listed the most popular ones below to help you decide which ones to check out first.

Best Places for Pizza in New York City:

New York City is among the top tourist cities in the US. You can find the best pizza in Manhattan and all the other NYC boroughs. However, there are a couple of pizza joints that offer the best pizza slice in NYC. Check out the best pizza places in NYC listed below and explore away!

  1. Di Fara Pizza

Di Fara Pizza is not just one of the best pizza places in NYC. For many pizza-loving New Yorkers, it is the best place for a slice of pizza. Churning out delicious pizzas right since 1965, this has remained one of the topmost pizzerias in NYC. Their hand-crafted pies are to-die-for! Don’t be surprised if you find a long queue here even on a busy workday. But that just goes a long way to show you exactly how popular this place is! For extra cheese, ample sauces, and dripping butter, order the square pie.

  1. Joe’s Pizza

This place is an absolute must-visit even if you’re arriving in NYC on last minute flights for a work trip. For slice-seekers out and about at 2:30 am, Joe’s Pizza is a Godsend. This is New York at its absolute best. The reason it is such a popular jaunt is that they’ve managed to perfect that crust and topping balance like none other. Imagine the sauce dripping over delicious toppings laid out on a thin crust and covered with equal layers of cheese.

  1. Joe & Pat’s

The best pizza in Manhattan can be found at Joe & Pat’s. You’ll be amazed at how beautifully they balance the thin-but-not-so-thin crust with mouthwatering vodka sauce. Mondays and Tuesdays are special days of the week when you can snag a large cheese pizza for just about $10. Whether you order in slice or pie form, the Margherita is always a dependable choice. Laden with large wads of cheese and tangy sauce, this is one of the best pizza choices to make at Joe & Pat’s, one of the best pizza places in NYC.

  1. Lucali

What makes Lucali one of the best pizza places in NYC is that it is BYOB! Could there possibly be a better reason to visit this incredible NYC pizzeria? Pizza and Calzone are the only two things offered on the menu and they are absolutely delicious. It’s one of the best New York pizza places to visit when arriving on business class flights. If you’re fortunate enough to grab a table at this perpetually jam-packed pizzeria, you’ll enjoy your booze and a delicious slice that much more.

  1. Totonno Pizzeria Napoletana

Established over 90 years ago, this is one of the most popular and best pizza places in NYC. The thing that makes this place stand out is its sheer simplicity. It is no more than a single room with a massive oven at the back. The items on the menu include small and large pies. That’s about it. Who wouldn’t be impressed with this simple yet single-minded dedication to solely focus on making good pizza? You just have to visit this place and enjoy a delicious bite of thin crust pizza with equal parts sauce and cheese.

  1. Ops

Well, with an unconventional name like that, it just has to be one of the best pizza places in NYC. The tasty Neapolitan pies are a hot favorite here but the real special you must try is the ‘grandma pie.’ It comes loaded with delicious homemade mozzarella, basil, olives, and tomatoes among other delicious things. Let’s not forget the thick crust that adds to the magic of the toppings. The intimate and warm interiors of the pizzeria make it one of the best places to hang out with your beloved.

  1. Roberta’s

The amazing thing that makes Roberta’s one of the best pizza places in NYC is that the toppings are just as great as the crust itself. An out-and-out family joint, you can spend an entire day with your loved ones here. The special Bee Sting Pie is a must-try at Roberta’s. Dripping with hot honey and tangy pepperoni, it will make your mouth water long before you even put a slice into it! This is one of the best things about eating any Neapolitan pizza. However, Roberta’s adds a magical charm to the experience with cozy interiors, comfy ambiance, and the scent of delicious pizza wafting through the air.

  1. Paulie Gee’s

Led by the pizza king of Greenpoint, PaulieGiannoni, this is among the best pizza places in NYC to explore. The creative toppings and ingredients make Paulie Gee’s an exciting pizza place for foodies to explore. For instance, the delicious Benny Gee is a fine example of creative cuisine. Made with Canadian bacon and fresh mozzarella, it’s glazed over with hollandaise sauce once baked. So go spoil yourselves by trying pizzas with creative toppings like prosciutto, cherries, hot honey, blue cheese and whatnot! You can also expect to directly interact with the great Paulie himself.
Anytime is a good time to grab a mouthful of delicious pizza. Hurry and book a ticket to USA from India with Indian Eagle travel agency for a trip to this fabulous city! Also, sharing is caring. So do bring your family or a bunch of friends along to share in your delight of gorging on NYC pizza. Enjoy exploring as many of the best pizza places in NYC as you can. Bon appetit!

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