The rising inflation and unemployment rates has adversely affected the entire population one way or the other. Highly educated individuals are struggling to find good jobs in the market. Adding to that, COVID 19 has further restricted the masses in various ways. It has almost become a necessity to generate multiple sources of income for financial stability and wealth creation. We have curated a list of the best low investment business ideas to launch in 2022. Through these small businesses, like those which you can streamline your B2B commerce logistics from end to end, you can earn over 50,000 PKR per month. The cherry on top is that these can be started with zero to 50,000PKR investment. Many of these ideas can easily become the best business in Lahore, with continuous efforts and hard work.


If you possess a skill or expertise in any particular field then you should design a short course and sell it to others. There are millions of people who’d be interested in learning the tips and tricks of the skill that you master. It can be a series of cooking/baking class, painting, makeup, stitching, and candle making course, photography/Videography courses, language course, software development, Amazon FBA or social media marketing courses. You can set up online classes or conduct sessions for a fee of your choice at your home or a public place. It will not only hone your skills further but also help you gather a following of loyal students. This idea requires no investment and is great to start as a side hustle. 


 If you have a knack for writing then blogging is the best business in Lahore to opt for. Through blogging, you can earn over 100,000 PKR monthly and it requires very little investment. Think of the topics that you find interesting and start writing. You can set up your blog site by purchasing cost effective domain/hosting and using a WordPress theme. After you garner a good amount of traffic on your blogging site, you can earn through Google AdSense by offering advertising space on your blog. 


This is the most fun yet the most rewarding idea to earn money. Set up your own YouTube channel for free and start creating fun videos of your liking. Your videos should revolve around your interests so that it becomes easier to sustain your channel. Some rewarding and highly watched video content ideas include but are not limited to cooking/baking, daily vlogs, travel videos, educational videos, funny prank videos, podcasts and review videos. You require a minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours to get your YouTube channel monetized. After monetization, you can earn a good income depending on your channel’s view count. 


The advent of high tech smart phones with great cameras has awakened the inner photographer and videographer in most of us. If you feel that you have great photography and videography skills then you should set up your social media business accounts and sell your services. In the initial phases, try doing work for free or lower than market rates to build your portfolio. It is also recommended to collaborate with the market leaders to gain a good amount of following and exposure. It is in-demand, rewarding and the best business in Lahore.  Although the market is concentrated but still has a lot of earning potential. 


If you have an eye for detail and quality then this is the best business that you can do. Simply hunt the most interesting useful products that you can sell online. Listen to business podcasts to get more business startup ideas. Create a business profile on Instagram/Facebook or make a WordPress e-commerce website. Display your chosen products on your desired platform, advertise them, receive and deliver orders. You can talk to a courier service Adelaide for order delivery. The hottest selling products nowadays are jewelry, stationary, candles, home décor items, accessories, clothes, toys and so on. You can talk to the vendors for additional discounts so that your prices stay within the market price after you add your profit margins to it. Inventory and initial investment will also not be an issue since you won’t purchase anything unless you receive an order for it. Just take some professional quality photos and start selling. 


This is the best business in Lahore that you can do from the comfort of your home. If you have great cooking or baking skills then start selling home-made delicious food items to the residents of Lahore. The profit margins are quite high and the success ratio is great too. Cook or bake your favorite dishes, photograph them and post them on Instagram. Boost your profile for orders and followers and regularly send food to bloggers and influencers for reviews. This will not only get you more followers but also actual customer orders. You can never go wrong with a food business if you provide hygienic and good quality food. Don’t forget to add your own unique selling point to your food business. Some food business ideas are condiments (chutney/pickles and dairy products), baked goods, multiple cuisines, fast food , desi food, frozen food and desserts. You can also do catering and bulk orders if you are an expert. There are also many benefits of hiring a gazebo if you’re starting a catering business.


Hand crafted goods are raved by everyone nowadays. Be it a heavenly scented candle or a beautiful panting, people are going cuckoo over hand-made products sold online. You do not need an expensive manufacturing unit or vendors. Simply, start experimenting and come up with unique products to sell online. You can sell candles, paintings, handmade jewelry, skin and hair care organic products, cards, decoration products, furniture, lamps, Pinterest inspired products, baby clothes like these cute newborn boy clothes, toys, knitwear, amongst various other options. 


People love customizable goods and they are a great gift option too. Speak to some local printing places and decide on the pricing with them. Choose the product range that you wish to sell. You can choose from a wide array of options including mugs, key chains, hoodies, t-shirts, caps, jewelry, leather goods, neon signs, frames, cards, stationary and packaging material. Create your social media profile, set up a website and start advertising online. You can design the products yourself or hire a professional designer for the job. It is the best business in Lahore if you want to earn some extra income. 


Printing and designing is the routine requirement of many people across the globe. You can create your own setup to deliver these services online. You’ll have to visit the printing hubs of Lahore such as Urdu Bazaar and Royal Park to look for printers who can do the printing for you for cheaper rates. Promote your printing, designing and delivery services online and start earning a good monthly income. You can design and print business cards, letterheads, packaging material, flex, stationary etc. 

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