Best Electric Scooters for Adults for Commuting in 2022

With the rise of technology-dominated mobility, it’s only a matter of time when automatic vehicles become a norm. For instance, electric scooters, which are not just easy to ride but also eco-friendly, have now become a common choice of millennials for daily commuting to work, local store, mall, and/or school.

Being automatic, these compact and stylish commuters can be used by just anyone, irrespective of their age, which is why adult e-scooters are also getting quite popular these days. Also, they run on electricity and are free of any kind of fuel, making them a clean and eco-friendly option for local commuting. As they use electricity instead of costly fuel and require very little maintenance in comparison to fuel-based vehicles, electric scooters prove to be cost-efficient in the long term.

If you are planning to buy an electric scooter for adults, let me tell you that you have made the right choice, one that you won’t regret. And now I’m going to tell you about the best Electric Scooters for Adults that you can buy for Commuting in 2022.

Top Adult Electric Scooters You Can Buy Today

Currus NF E-scooter

The Currus NF electric scooter is a daily commuting beast that is designed to offer you a convenient and fast ride. This is the one scooter that is perfect for both local commuting as well as for adventurous rides on hilly paths.

The Currus NF scooter comes with the category-best features, including an ultra-powerful 3600W BLDC dual hub motor, capable of offering a top speed of up to 40 Mph (up to 65 Kmh), 60V 28Ah Samsung SDI Lithium Ion battery pack with up to 74miles (Up to 120km) range, 47% gradability, 120km load capacity, 37kg lightweight, foldable & durable design, Front/Rear wheel hydraulic disc brakes & suspension, and 10-inch road tires.

This is an ideal daily-commuter for adults, as it also fulfills your need for speed. The built-in suspension takes care of bumps and ditches on the road and ensures a smooth ride even when you’re riding at a high speed.

Dualtron Compact Electric Scooter

One of the things we usually want in a daily commuter is a compact and foldable design that can easily fit anywhere, can be parked in a small space, and can beat the city traffic when you want to arrive at the office on time. Well, if that’s what you’re after, the Dualtron Compact scooter will gladly suffice your needs.

As the name indicates, this Dualtron scooter is quite compact in design and has low weight of 70 lbs (31 kg). Despite featuring a small design, the e-scooter is quite powerful as it comes with a MAX 3,400 watt BLDC dual hub motor, capable of giving out 40 Mph (up to 65 Kmh) top speed, and a 60 volt 21 Ah 1,260Wh LG 3500 cells agm deep cycle battery pack with up to 50 miles range.

So, if you are looking to buy a compact powerhouse for an electric scooter, this is the one for you.

Other possible options to consider for the best adult electric scooters for commuting include Gotway Dten, Inmotion L8/L8F (cheapest option), etc. An electric scooter is the next-gen kick scooter that can be used by just anyone, including adults. It’s easy to learn, safe to ride and friendly to the environment.

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