7 Best Duplicate Photo Cleaner Apps for Android

Duplicate photos accumulate as digital junk on your device that not only occupies valuable storage space, but it also makes your device run slow. While it becomes a cumbersome job to find and remove these files manually, you can use best duplicate photos cleaner tools for instant and effective results. Let’s discuss some of these effective apps here.

Duplicate Photos Fixer: Duplicate Photos Fixer offers flexible scan modes to help you scan, find and remove all identical image files effortlessly on your Android device. These scan modes include full scan, camera images scan and specific folder select. This powerful tool works on smart techniques to find and remove duplicate photos even from the remotest corners of your device storage. Once it completes the scan process, it displays results group-wise for better comparison and management. It allows you to preview files before deletion so that you don’t delete any important photo. Further, it displays scan results as auto-mark to delete to save your time and efforts. You can use one of its important features to match the level of similarity to find similar and exact match photos. You can use this smart solution to well-organized and neatly arrange your photo gallery.


Photo Cleaner: Use Photo Cleaner to free up valuable storage space on your Android device and organize your photo collection effortlessly. It works on the easy user interface to help you manage all your photos in a seamless manner. Here, it scans your photos and displays you results with information like file size, album, date etc. Here, you can sort images based on this information and remove unnecessary photos in a jiffy. You can also use this tool to compress the images in a batch to save storage space. Here, you can adjust the compression rate as per your need. You can use this easy solution for instant and effective cleaning of your device storage.


Remo Duplicate Photos Remover: Use this easy to use the proactive app to de-duplicate your Android device and manage your photo collection. It helps you locate, display and delete all identical files using advanced technologies. It runs on Remo’s proprietary intelligent De-Dupe algorithms to help you find and delete similar files even from the farthest corners of your device. It displays results in sets for easy management. Here, you get a chance to delete the entire set or a set of images from it. Even when you delete the entire set of the images, it keeps one copy of the photo in device storage so that you never run out of your important data. You can use this tool to find and delete duplicate photos taken in burst mode, resized or other similar photos. Its smart de-dupe scan modes help you scan similar and exact looking photos to help you recover precious storage space. It even displays the number of deleted images for complete control over the overall photo collection.


Duplicate Photo Video Remover: As the name suggests, it helps you remove all identical photos & video files on your Android device. In addition to that, you can also use this tool to find and remove duplicate contacts, music files, documents and more. It helps you quickly find and remove all similar photos on your device using smart algorithms. It helps you optimize your phone for better performance. It displays three different menus including Media, Documents and others to help you de-duplicate your photo gallery instantly. It displays scan results in the group for easy management. Further, it offers one-touch option to filter the best photos to keep in storage. You can use this tool to scan both internal and external storage space. Its App Manager feature helps you see the number of marked apps and total size you can recover once you uninstall them.


Duplicate Photo Remover – Junk Photo Cleaner: Use this nifty tool to instantly get rid of all unnecessary identical photos on your Android device. It helps you easily identify all duplicate photos, total duplicate photos count, the total size of these files, and remove them instantly. It works on smart techniques to deliver instant and effective results.


Qupiq: Qupiq helps you compare and delete all duplicate photos on your device instantly. It helps you group all similar photos automatically and compare them to keep the best one for you. It works on the easy and user-friendly interface to easily find and delete all similar photos in a jiffy. Its ultra-fast and accurate algorithms help you de-duplicate your photo album even without internet. Here, you can keep the best photos for you or even share them with your favorite social media app.


DupPhoto Cleaner: DupPhoto Cleaner is an advanced de-duplication tool that helps you streamline your photo gallery instantly and accurately. It works on advanced algorithms to help you find and delete all unnecessary duplicate photos in an effortless manner. Using this tool, you can recover a lot of storage space and improve device performance significantly.


So, these are the best duplicate photo cleaner tools you can use for your Android device for instant and effective results. If you know more such apps then feel free to comment below.


Metadata: The best way to clean duplicate photos on your Android device is to use advanced duplicate photo cleaner tools for instant and effective results. Let’s discuss some of these tools here.

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