Astrological Benefits of Wearing Kashmiri Neelam Stone

The sparkling beauty of blue sapphire mined from Kashmir is charismatic and elegant. As per Vedic astrology, Kashmiri Neelam represents the planet Saturn.

Being one of the most effective and prominent gemstones, it can deliver exceptional results if worn correctly. You must consult an expert astrologer before buying Kashmiri Neelam stone online.

When wearing this gemstone, the power of Saturn increases showing positive effects in your life.Those who have a malefic position of Saturn in their birth charts can wear this gemstone to calm it down. It can turn negative and ferocious powers of this planet into positive energy. There are many more astrological benefits of wearing Kashmiri Neelam stone. They include:

Opportunities to Build Wealth:

Wearing a blue sapphire can bring immense rewards in the form of wealth and prosperity. Saturn is a benevolent planet that can turn the tides in your favor when it is positively aligned in your birth charts. To channelize its powers, you must buy genuine and authentic Kashmiri Neelam from a trusted gemstone store. By strengthening the position of Saturn, this gemstone will bless you with abundant opportunities to earn well and make good wealth.

Ensure Professional Success:

As per Vedic astrology, Kashmiri Neelam or blue sapphire is the fastest acting gemstone in the universe. It brings professional success to the life of its wearer. Any obstacles in the path of your career will be eliminated forever by wearing natural and pure Kashmiri sapphire. When you buy Neelam stone that’s 100% pure, it breaks the deadlock in your field of work to get you the desired success in life.

Eliminates Negative Energy:

Saturn is a strong planet that must have a positive position on your birth charts. It includes negating the malefic impact of Saturn and its transit on your life. By eliminating such negativities, it boosts the energy and you’ll experience an unforeseen experience to take life and its challenges head-on.

Protection Against Evil Forces:

Being a highly protective gem, Kashmiri blue sapphire also benefits people who are deeply inflicted by evil eye, jealousy, hexing, and enmity in your workplace and personal life. After wearing authentic gemstone in the right finger at the right time, you make the most of Kashmiri Neelam stone benefits. Whenever wearing a gemstone for astrological benefits, do not forget to prefer it in the form of a ring or a pendant that touches your skin directly.

Increase Fame and Popularity:

Neelam stone exudes strong cosmic properties. Whether you are a creative person or a professional in a demanding field, this gemstone brings exceptional fame and popularity for your work. Many celebrities prefer buying this stone to stay in the public eye and boost their popularity.

Strengthens the Mental Resolve:

It has been found that Kashmiri Neelam is the finest quality of this stone. It has capabilities to remove negativities and fear of unknown to ensure a clear mind. Wearing a gemstone not only saves you from depression, but also helps you to regain the confidence. It tranquilizes the mind with its core strength and brings mental balance to your thoughts.

Benefits Spiritual Inclinations:

People looking to benefit in a spiritual way can also wear blue sapphire gemstone. It helps in achieving the spiritual sojourn that you were looking for. In fact, it is a calming stone that improves your capability to meditate. By invoking introspection and self-realization, it opens the deeper chambers of mind and connects you to your inner self. This stone is rightly known as the perfect companion for your spiritual life. Most importantly, it stimulates the power of crown chakra in your body. It is the place where cosmic powers unite with your soul.

Releases Nerves and Tension:

Kashmiri blue sapphire is a vivid gemstone that makes a person detached from materialistic aspects. Since the planet of Saturn rules the nervous system, blue sapphires relieve neuro-diseases and nerves tension that can lead to bigger problems if not addressed at the right time.

These are some important astrological benefits of wearing Kashmiri Neelam stone. To avail of them, you should always wear blue sapphire for a trial period to ascertain if the stone suits you well. It should be made in pure gold and worn in middle finger of your right hand. The weight of stone should be appropriate. You should consult an expert astrologer before wearing the stone. Many experts believe that Neelam stone must be worn with one or two other gemstones to extract maximum benefits.

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